Friday, June 19, 2015

How to make your own clock!


I always get wonderful comments on my clock!  So I have decided to write directions, so you also can make your own!

You will need:

1 Clock
12 each 5 X 7 X 1 Wood Blocks
Mod Podge Matte
Vinyl Cut (24.143 X 16.342) “TIME Spent with Family Is worth every SECOND”

I purchased my Clock from  When I priced clocks that size in town, the quotes I was receiving was over $100.

This is what I purchased from Steebar September, 2014 (so the prices might have changed)

Item SKU QTY Price
14” Clock Hands for High Torque Clock Motors HT-8 1 16.75
7/16” High Torque Mini Quartz Clock Movement for Large Hands HT-Mini-A-7 1 14.95
Mini Quartz Clock Motor Wall Mount Cup Wall-Cup 1 5.95

STOP - If you are not crafty, you could always just purchase this Photo Frame Wall Clock, it’s only 40.00 for the whole thing.

If you are Crafty, follow on!

Step One – Order and Mount your Clock

Order your clock.  I am assuming that you are making a clock the same size as I did.  You will need that heavy duty motor, because the hands are 14” long!  Mount your clock on the wall when it comes in.

After I completed the Clock, the overall size is approx. 44” high and 43” wide.

Step Two – Make your Wood Transfers

While you are waiting for the clock to come in, create your wood transfers.  My husband cut 12 each 5 X 7 X 1 pieces of wood and sanded and stained them for me.  I have been told you can go to Lowes and they will cut them for you.  You could also paint them if you don’t want a antique look.

While he was doing that, I found my photos, sized them to 5 X 7.  I choose to print them out in black and white, in Reverse (or Mirrored) on plain ol’ printer paper, from a LASER printer.  If you don’t own a laser printer, you could always take your photo’s to a printer like Kinko’s and have them print them out from a LASER.

You can search wood transfer in you tube and find MANY ways and products to use.  I choose to use Mod Podge, because I had it. 

Here is a great video

Step Three – Hang or Apply your Vinyl Cut

Create your Vinyl Cut or I am happy to cut this for you.  I do offer this in my Etsy Store.

Here are my favorite “How to apply vinyl Videos from YouTube

Easy Way
Larger Decals

I am looking forward to seeing your creations!  Please post your photos back to this blog!