Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102–Day 2


I had skipped Day 2, because I did not own any stencils…still waiting for them to come in.  Found a You Tube - Make your own stencils from Rubbish!  So, I made my own!  Then I tried my old brass stencils and they also worked!

Mixed-Media Layering:  Using homemade Stencils and brass.  Can’t wait for my TH Stencils to come in!


Embossing with Stencils:  I would have never even thought of embossing with my stencils!


Embossing through Stencils: My homemade Stencils did not work well for this technique.


Stencil Stamping: Ah, this was so fun to stamp inside the stencil.IMG_1510

Stencil Sketching:  What a goof I did.  First, I messed up trying to sketch in with a gold pin, it just ran, so I scribbled over it, then stamped and my image would not stamp over the gold ink.  Well..looks like I need some distress markers. I tried sketching in with glitter pins and loved that look, the photo did not pick up the sparkle.  Can’t wait to do this again.


Ink Monoprint:  This was a brass plate.


Paint Monoprint:  As you can see, my homemade stencils did not do so well on this one.  It was to flimsy.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102–Day 3



I have to skip day 2, as I am waiting for my Stencils,  to come in.  The card above is using two of the techniques we learned today.  The background, using Brayered Stains and the flower, Faux Cracked Glass. The flower is cut out of thick acetate using a Grand Caliber.  This ended up being a challenge just to die cut the spellbinders dies, with the acetate I saved from the packaging of the dies.  This acetate is pretty thick.  After much fiddling around, I asked my hubby if he had any sheet metal….he did!  My sandwich ended up being cutting board, Sheet Metal, Acetate, Die (cut side down) card stock and then the grey board.  Cut perfectly and I DID NOT BITE ANYONE! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

WOYWW–Wednesday 227



Busy busy busy!  I have been taking Tim Holt’s Creative Chemistry 102 online classes.  It’s been a challenge!  It’s day 2 and I just finished day 1!  Well, this photo is distorted!  This was an attempt at a panoramic shot!  As you can see, I am knee deep in ink and paint! 

If you are wondering why in the heck I am showing you my messy desk…Check out Julia’s place.  Each Wednesday, we get to travel the world and visit each others craft space…as it sits!  Mess or no mess!

Here is what I have made my first day.



Colored Crackle.  I hope you can see the texture on this one.IMG_1498

Eroded Metallic.  My picture taking does not do this one justice.  Not real happy with my choice of colors.  Can’t wait to try this one again!


Stamping Resist. 


Altered Surfaces

photo (2)