Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 223


Took this shot on Tuesday, 10:30 PM…with my eyes half closed!  Workday tomorrow!  I have not posted to WOYWW since Week 198!  I have missed all of you!

I have   325  Days   -- or --   46  Weeks and  3  Days left until I retire!  No more waking up at the crack of dawn!  More time to craft!  I can’t wait, on my last year!  Whoopeee.  Sorry, got sidetracked!

Well, what the heck is on my desk this week.  Starting from the left is my very dirty towel.  I am finding I like a towel, more than paper towels.

The three tags are the result of a class I am taking from Tim Holtz.  I really had a blast doing all three techniques. I just finished the class, realized that it was Tuesday night and had to get a photo and blog, because I know I won’t do it at 5 in the morning and I am not willing to get up earlier!  If I wait, I will forget!

Not sure which tag I like the best of the first two, the one on the right, I ruined with my heat tool.  Tim was right, the type of heat tool I have concentrates to a small area.  I need to find one that will not blow my ink all over the place…..

Can you see the card kinda in the middle behind the green distress ink?  That was fun to do, I still have to mount it.  It was my first attempt at faux tiling.  Finished it and then smudged the dern thing before I could mount it.

If you are wondering why in the heck I would show you my desk, my boo-boos, my mess….take it up with Julia!  She started it!

Each week, on Wednesdays, folks from around the world take photos of their workdesk, just as it sits, and shares a what is going on in the room.  Come join as at Julia’s Stamping Ground!

Off to bed I go!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

Come out, come out where ever you are!  Ollie Ollie Oxen Free!

I attended a card class taught by Karen Angel  and really had a wonderful time. 

Karen asked for my blog site, and THEN I remembered, I had not blogged since April!  So, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free, come on back to home base!  I had not been in my studio since April!


Yeppers, those my friends are dust bunnies!  Oh My, can a craft studio get very dusty!  All those little tiny things…covered in dust!

Prior to my sabbatical, I was moving my old scrap ribbon storage over to wrapping on round clothes pins and placing into a Ribbon Jar.   Found a pile of ribbon and added it to my ribbon jar.  Of course, I believe in CASE! (CASE = Copy and Share Everything).  Inspiration came from Papertrey Ink and Nichole Heady!  Next time I am at a thrift shop, I will be looking for a beautiful glass jar!



Have you ever took a sabbatical from crafting?  I have NEVER done this for 5 months!  Have no idea what was up with that!

So, after chasing down all the dust bunnies I found myself starting my Christmas cards.  As you can see, I have dusted off my big shot and have some of my pieces done.  Waiting on some Inka Gold to come in.  I will blog the finished card when I finish them…Yeppers, I will finish these babies!



So, I had to find another project while waiting for snail mail…looked around there was a pile of notebooks I had never done anything with….hum, I thought!  These would be great for small gifts.


IMG_1455 IMG_1456 IMG_1457  IMG_1459 IMG_1460

I am loving Stamping Up’s Secret Garden Stamp set.   CASE was from Brandy! with my tweak adding a gift box.  Now the brown box is the Exact same card stock as the notebook…I must have turned on my flash!

Oh, one last thing to add to my unfinished projects.  Magnetic book marks.



This was really creative fun for me.  I took some scrap cardboard and grabbed my distress stain daubers.

I punched out a 1 3/4 circle and used the negative to mask with a yellow/orange sun.  Then I masked off the sun and started laying my color for a sky, water and grass.  I wanted a watercolor effect and this technique worked really well.  After stamping I sealed with modge podge, dried and glued magnets on the back, added ribbon.  All using scraps!  Gotta love using scraps!


Well there you have it!  I have found my MOJO again!

I wanted to through it out the window~

1 Use spellbinders Framabilities scalloped edge frame die. I think this is no longer being produced. I did this with the spellbinders lattice rectangles
SKU: S4-319
Pasted from <http://www.spellbinderspaperarts.com/products/p-69-lattice-rectangles.aspx>
You just have to ignore 4 wholes in the corners .
Between 13 and 5 leave one open and 17 and 11 and 24 and8 and 12 and 20

Weaving Template image
2 Ribbon up through loop 1 an ribbon down through loop 2 image
3 Ribbon up through loop 3 image
4 Ribbon down through Loop 4 image
5 Ribbon up through Loop 5, being sure to cross over the top of the ribbon image
6 Ribbon down through Loop 6 image
7 Ribbon up through Loop 7.  Be sure to cross over the top of the two intersecting ribbons image
8 Ribbon down through Loop 8 image
9 Ribbon up through Loop 9.  Be sure to cross over the top of the two intersecting ribbons. image
10 Ribbon down through Loop 10. Be sure to cross underneath these two intersecting ribbons. image
11 Ribbon up through Loop 11. Go over the top of the one intersecting ribbon

12 Ribbon down through loop 12. Be sure to cross underneath all five of these intersecting ribbons.

13 We are done with the first piece of ribbon, thread up the second ribbon.
14 Ribbon up through loop 13. Ribbon up through Loop 14. (You will not I came down through Loop 13, I correct this at the end. Be sure to cross underneath all five of these intersecting ribbons

15 Ribbon down through loop 15. Be sure to cross over the two intersecting threads.

16 Ribbon up through Loop 16. Be sure to cross underneath the three intersecting ribbons.

17 Ribbon down through Loop 17. You will cross over intersecting ribbons 1 & 2 Under ribbon 3 and over 4 & 5.

18 Ribbon up through loop 18. Go under intersecting ribbon.

19 Ribbon down through loop 19. Weaving sequence is over, over, under, over, over, under, over.

20 Ribbon up through loop 20. Go under one intersecting ribbon.

21 Ribbon down through loop 21. Weaving sequence, Over, under, over, over, under, over

22 Ribbon up through Loop 22. Weaving sequence: Under, over, under, over, under.

23 Ribbon down through loop 23. Over, under, over.

24 Ribbon down through loop 24. Under, Over, Under, Over, Under, Over, Under, Over, Under. Remember step 14? The top left corner is wrong.

25 Just fix the top left corner to match this photo.

26 Flip over and glue dot your four corners down.

27 rim off excess.