Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW -177 (What’s on your Work desk–Wednesday)


Julia, from Stamping-Ground, started What’s on your Work Desk.  She started posting “What's on your work desk, on Wednesday’s  What a terrific idea.

I have been a voyeur long enough! 

Each Wednesday….I would peek into other’s craft rooms.  I have learned so much!  Like, I am normal, there desk looks just like mine…stuff everywhere!

Make sure you visit the Stamping-Ground, so that you can see how others stamp, craft and find out how normal you really are!

What a mess!  Just finished my first project from Amazing Paper Grace September Kit.  Now that I am looking at this photo.  I started this project as soon as I received it, sat it down, along with several other projects.  This week, my goal is to finish what I have started.   I am off to a good start with this lovely book.  I can see, I will be making this book again.  I love the binding technique and the little book that is housed inside.  Great techniques.  I blogged earlier about joining one subscription a year, and this year I chose Grace’s new kits.  I love her feminine style in her cards and projects.
My dear hubby made the bow maker for me…with my hands, I think it’s the only way I can tie a bow!
See my new pails!  I love them for garbage and clearing my table of stuff I am using for the current project.
This was the first time I used a pearl transfer.  Although beautiful, I think I will stick to creating my own embellishments, due to the cost…but how pretty is that!  I love the handles to the book and how this book was bound.  To cute to add a wooden button to a flower!
APG 09_12 Cover
This was my first time working with glassine. It was just perfect for the postage stamps, and went beautifully with the paper bag material.
APG 09_12 Pg 1_2
Can you see the cute tags sticking out of the top of the pages?  Each page has a slot in the top for a tag.  Love the vellum covering the windows.  Since the glassine frame covered up the glue spots!
APG 09_12 Pg 3_4
APG 09_12 Pg 5_6
This was my favorite page…I love the insert on the right hand side.  This was a little book, inside the book.  It was so simple to make,  It was four pieces of paper, cut to 8 1/8  X 5.5, and scored 4” from each side.  Then you pierce a hole through all four sheets one inch from the top and one inch from the bottom in the and run a brad through the holes.  To simple!
APG 09_12 Pg 5_insert
The Spellbinders dies, rubber stamps, ribbon, paper, brads, flowers…everything comes with the kit.  I have plans for these dies and stamps!  Great addition to my stash.
APG 09_12 Pg 9_10
God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December.  Makes me smile Smile
APG 09_12 Pg 11_12
I just had to stamp the back of the book…
APG 09_12 back of book
One Christmas gift down….
The other project was a card!  Now, let me ask you this…how is this going to fit in an envelope?  This was fun and quick to make.  I sure love the die cuts and the stamps!
APG 9_12 FrontCard

APG 9_12 InsideCard
I promised myself I would not get behind on these projects!  It’s the third week in October and just finished the first Month.  I'm gonna stop procrastinating one of these days.  Tomorrow, I will start Octobers Package!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rowdy Ribbons


Often, I just seem to have every color of ribbon BUT the one I need! 

Seam Binding

The only place I have found seam binding in many colors and for a good prices is on Amazon.  It’s about  .10 a yard!  I buy a cream color and a white. 

I have taken my reinkers and added a few drops into a zip lock baggie with just a bit of water and then tossed in 5 yards of seam binding.  After I have the color I am after I drain out all the water, and pat it “dry” with paper towels.  You can iron the ribbon flat again if you choose.  You can also use tea and coffee to stain the seam binding…

Ribbon Holder

You know how you buy things and they sandwich it between acrylic sheets…..horrible to open up!  I have bad hands due to an accident, and can hardly open these suckers ups. One of my favorite Christmas gifts….my husband received that I inherited are electric scissors.  They are great for opening up merchandise.

As you can see, I have cut a square, whole punched it, and used my trusty word window punch from Stampin Up.  Ran a ring through the punch and hung up with the rest of the ribbon!

Seam Binding Hung Up