Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What’s on your work desk – Wednesday 234

Well….Believe it or not, this gal did all digital this past week…so, this is my work desk, this week!  Wayyyyyyyy cleaner, of course, unless you look at my hard drive…humm.
This was created for a co-workers new grandbaby.  She will be putting it into a frame to display at the shower and hang in the nursery.
I can also see this in a shadow box, pop up the blue dots, pop up the tag, pop up the hat and kit….
Well, if you are wondering why I am telling you all this, Crafting folks from all over the world share what they have been doing the the past week and what is on there work desk each Wednesday….Pop over to Julia’s site Stamping Ground for the low down.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tip of the week - Thursdays

How to make your own Dimensionals or Pop Dot’sSupplies:Xyron 1.5’ Create a StickerFun FoamScissor'sBrayerTake your fun foam and put it in your paper cutter. I cut mine in 1 1/4” strips.

    • Your cutter will probably not cut all the way through the fun foam, but it will score it. You can take your scissors and complete the cut.
    • You can use any color of foam! I use a lot of black and brown card’s so I love to use fun foam in colors, however you can take a marker and color the edges of the foam to match your card base, if you use white. I really think white is more versatile.
    • Need circle dimensional’s? Use your circle punches!
    • Sometimes I need a 1/4” strip! ah, you got the idea!
  • Run these through your Xyron
  • I mush this down real good with a rollie thing…now what is that called? Just looked it up and added it to the supply list…brayer…humm. You don’t need a brayer, you can just use your hands or something else…this is just what I reach for when I need to mush things.
  • Take off the cellophane
  • Trim the waxy paper
  • Run through the Xyron again the opposite way. Foam side down and waxy paper side up
  • Squish down again with rollie thing
  • Take the cellophane off
  • Trim again
  • Don't go to work with one of these stuck to your butt
The best thing about these, is you can make your own sizes, colors etc.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What’s on your work desk – Wednesday 233


Hello from Central California!  I have been trying to figure out how to get in craft time while working, helping my son in his new home, making curtains…just seem to run out of steam.  Currently I am am taking the Holiday Card Workshop 2013 over at  These projects are from day 2.

The above technique was a challenge for me.  I did not have any die cut’s that would work this way…Most of the die cut’s I have are borders, or frames.  So, I did dig up the die cut’s in the above card.  Looking back, I should have used a solid card stock to create this in-laid look.

Yep, the greeting, and the flower and leaf are inlaid.  I had never seen that technique before, so was excited to try it….

Not happy with the result..however, I can’t wait to try it again with a solid paper.  Funny, though, you could hardly make out the flower and leaf so I decided to use my stickles over it.  Not sure if you can tell by the photo, but it really looks like an old fashion appliqué.


Ever have one of those days?  Where nothing works?  This technique was another, where I did not have good die cuts for the technique.  We were to use the positive and the negative cuts and embossing paste.  I used the embossing paste, which I had not used in years.  I used the embossing paste on the blue background with a stencil.  Loved that effect. Was very impressed with the product, it had not dried out.  I think, this is going to be a fun thing to use in my future projects.

Well, that’s all for now, was not going to post these, then decided, heck, I bet we all have off days!

Each Wednesday, crafters from all over the world post what’s on there desk on Wednesdays.  Well, this is all that’s on my desk today!  If you would like to see VERY Interesting desks, go visit Julia and enjoy the fun!  Julia’s blog is named the Stamping Ground.  I really look forward to Wednesdays to visit some wonderful desks from around the globe!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tip of the Week Thursdays!


Make your own Glue Dots!

I don’t know where I learned this!  But it works!

All you need is some wax paper and some Aleene’s Tack it Over and Over glue.

  • Just drop some blobs (yes!  any size you want, including lines!) of Aleene’s Tack It Over and Over glue on the waxed paper.
  • Once “dry”, cover with wax paper
  • Store in Zip Lock Bag.
  • BONUS – before they setup, you can move them!  Way to cool. 

Please feel free to share your own tips in the comment area below. Hope you have a wonderful week!  Until next Thursday!

Hugs, Robin

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What’s On Your Work Desk–Wednesday 232


I don't pop and I'm not fresh – especially after gluing these all together, late at night!

Last year, a dear friend of my Aunt Cathy, Joy, shared her die and we cut all these. The Gingerbread man is cut out of chipboard and covered front and back with Designer Paper. I did nothing with them last year, at least I have glued them all together this year!

It’s going to be a short one today, as it’s late!

Wondering what WOYWW is? Just Click here and you will find out all about it!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Holiday Card Workshop 2013–Day 1


Christmas 2013 CardsChristmas 2013 Cards

Today, we are focusing on the inside’s of cards.  Love this design, it is thin enough you can put it in the mail without paying extra!  That is a vellum pocket for a gift card….To cute! 

Can you tell I am loving my Envelope Board Punch?  I did not have a gift card handy, so in when a Casino Card!

Christmas Banner Card

This was a fun Zig-Zag Card.  One Sheet of 8 1/2 X 11 made two cards.  The banner was interesting to work with….Woops, you can’t see what it looks like closed up…


I had to clamp it to keep it shut, so you could see it closed up!  I love how this card turned out.


We focused on using the negative from the die cut.  Looks like I need to focus on focusing!  Looks pretty blurry to me!  I smudged the inside of this card Sad smile.

Any one have and idea to remove VersaMark Black Permanent Ink?



Well, day one helped me complete 5 more cards for Christmas!

Snowmen Tea Light Magnets



These were so fun to make!  My inspiration came from Becky Roberts


Tea Light

    • Colored up the sides of the tea light
    • Color flame


  • 4 each 2 1/2” circles of designer paper – Card Stock Weight.  I used my circle scissor because I did not have this punch…it’s on order!  I prefer punches, because they are faster and easier for me to use.  If you don’t want to invest in punches, the circle scissor is just awesome!
  • Glued these to each other to make the base stronger
  • Smudge ink around the sides and edges of base
  • Punch out opening for switch (I used a crop-a-dial)  you could use a 1/2 circle punch, again I did not have a 1/2 circle punch and my circle scissor does not make anything smaller than 1 inch…so, you guessed it, it’s on order.
  • Used  1/2” circle dimensional to adhere base to bottom of tea light


  • 4 each 1 1/2” Circles of designer paper – Card Stock Weight
  • Center punch an opening for the flame (nose) using the small circle in the punch pack.  I again, did not have this punch.  I used my crop-a-dial to create the opening. 
  • Glue together to make “face” stronger.
  • Smudge ink around sides and edges of “face”
  • Using a  black permanent marker, color two larger pearls and 5 smaller pearls.
  • Position Eyes and Mouth
  • Adhere Face to top of tea light.


  • 4 each 1” Square
  • Glue together to make hat stronger
  • Snip top of hat as shown below
  • Smudge ink around sides and edges of hat
  • Adhere burlap on bottom of hat
  • 4 each Brim of Hat.  I used the technique that Becky Roberts used by taking the large oval punch and punching just the edge of your paper, then move the punch up how thick you want the brim and punch again.
  • Smudge ink around sides and edges of brim
  • Adhere to Hat
  • Adhere Hat to Face with Red Sticky Tape


  • Attach twine and ribbon to side of tea light with glue gun


I think they look cute on my refrigerator.  I am thinking of making some for gifts and place into homemade boxes.  They would also be cute on top of a Christmas Present!


I love my Vinyl Calendar on my fridge!  You can find the directions here.


Easy Peasy!

I will be submitting my Snowmen Tea Lights on the Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge.

This week Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge have a real simple challenge for you, USE INK! Whether it is an ink spray or an inkpad, any ink, we would love to see how you use ink this week in your crafting project.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ranch Dressing Anyone?

I love Ranch Dressing, my family loves Ranch…heck I think we drink it here!  I have tried and tried many different “copy cat” recipes, this one is the winner!  I love  I keep all my recipes there.  You can find me as Big Sis. I love Chef Spice Guru’s Hidden Valley Ranch Salad & Seasoning (CopyCat) Recipe.

I needed a label for my jar, so fired up Creative Memories Storybook program and came up with this.  If you would like to use the same label, you can find a PDF Version of my file here.


I love Creative Memories StoryBook!  The company is reorganizing at the time of this post, so I can’t link you back to the software.  I found it very easy to use.  I work with computers all day long and when I come home, I don’t want to put anytime into learning a program.  I craft for fun and relaxation and physical therapy for my hands….most of all, it’s relaxing for me.  To use a computer to craft….does not work for me, but when I need to, I do fire up my Storybook program (did I say how EASY it was to learn?)  and I will fire up my pazzles die cutter, also under protest.  Both of these products are excellent…that is why I purchased them….but…I would rather use a punch, sissors or my craft knife than sit in front of the computer …….unless of course, I am surfing the net looking at what you did!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekly Sale! Ends November 11, 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013

Deal of the week will end Monday!

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I love that!


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Best Tip of the Week–Thursdays!

Each Thursday, I am going to post some kind of tip I have learned along my crafting journey

Join me and post what you learned!

My Tip of the week is about your craft knife. and the cutting surface you can use.


I was having a hard time cutting with my craft knife on my cutting mat.  Started researching on the web and found that others were recommending glass cutting boards.  So I went shopping, I found the craft boards pricy. 

One night, as I was cleaning up after dinner, I was wiping down my glass cutting board…..and….found that it was slick on one side, and textured on the other side.  Even more to my delight was the size!  it was 12 X 15!  Make sure if you choose to use one, that one side is slick.  You will need to work on the slick side.

Please share your tips in the comment area below.  Have the very best week! 

Hugs, Robin

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WOYWW What’s on your Workdesk? Wednesday 231


Wondering what WOYWW is?  Just Click here and you will find out all about it!

I am sooooooooooooooo excited!  See that poor old craft mat, you are always hearing me complain about!  My new one just came in!  I won’t know how to act!  Except… keep my circle scissors and craft knife away from it….Yep, I must learn to do that!

You can see my pop-up gift card…yes, I have not forgotten that I was going to make a video on how to accomplish this!  Hopefully I will get that done this week.  My problem with making the video is that, I really like making my own backgrounds, not so comfortable with patterned paper, and I need to be prepped with decorating the card before making the video….just decided that, heck, you know how to decorate in your own style.  I think I will make the video on just plain cardstock, so you can see how to make this with your envelope boards….Maybe I should blog more, it seems to help me figure out my obstacles.

Let’s see what do you see on my desk…and floor…well, you can see my storage solution for rubber stamps.  I place my rubber stamps in large zip lock bags and number the bags, which then go into a box, of course in numerical order.  The description of each of the stamps is in an access data-base I created, so, all I have to do is search, Christmas for example…which is what I did and those bags are under my desk…I can also with one click, print out photos of each stamp, which I house in a binder.

See that stinken mess of distress inks?  I have got to find a better way to house theses.  If you have any ideas….Please comment below!

On last thing, I dragged out my Distrezz-it-all from Zutter, I am leaving that dern thing on my desk!  I use it all the time, when I can see it!

Have a wonderful week!  Remember to check back here on Thursdays, where you can share your tip of the week!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Tip of the Week - Thursday's!

Each week, I find that I learn something new.  I am guessing that you also learn something new.

Some new way to do something easier, or a new way to organize…something.  We learn these things from Pinterest, YouTube, web-browsing, word-of-mouth and sometimes by accident!

Each Thursday, I am going to post what I learned…Join me and post what you learned!

My Tip of the week!

I keep a water bottle real close, so I can spray my craft mat, or my hands when using my inks.  I found another cleaner, that is awesome!  It works on everything else that is not water based, and it’s easy n the pocketbook!  Plain ol rubbing Alcohol!  I love this in a wipe for my studio!


Ok!  It’s your turn, just put your tip in the comment below! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What’s on your Work Desk–Wednesday 230



Wednesday roll around so quickly!  Each Wednesday crafters from around the world post photos of their desks and what they have been up to on Julia Dunnit from Stampin Ground’s blog.

This week, I posted my very first video.  Without a camera and without a tripod.  I asked an internet friend how she did it, and she sent a photo saying it was her “redneck” setup.  I had to send a photo back and say, here is my Okie setup!

I just hung the IPad over an organizer on my desk, and started filming.  I redid it over and over and over, and decided I will never be perfect, I will learn to be better with time and added it to my blog post How to Make a Liner with your Envelope Punch Board.  If you post video’s to youtube, please share what kinda of camera you have and what software you use to edit it.  I would LOVE to know what you use!

You also see a card I am working on.  My first attempt on a card usually gets thrown away, while I am figuring out how to put it together.  This is really a cute idea, just above the “Christmas” you can see some flaps, you open the card this way and out POP’s a gift card.  Yep the gift card, kinda POP’s out.  Just figured out the card fold, I need to have a few of these on hand for Birthdays and Christmas coming up.  Will blog about how to put it together later so subscribe to my blog and you will get the update.

Just noticed a candy dish my dear sweet MIL painted. 

I will finish with the craziest thing I seen yesterday.  We have a little Yorkie with a very little bed.  My son has a 65 lb Border Collie Mix.  He spent the night Tuesday, along with “Donnie” his dog.  When I got up, this is where I found Donnie.  I have seen him do this before, he circles and circles and circles, until he can get his butt in the tiny little bed….of course, he looked at me with those sweet eyes, that said, “please don’t make me move” so I ran and got the camera!  Sheesh!


Monday, October 28, 2013

How to make a liner with your Envelope Punch Board

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I am truly enjoying my new Envelope Punch Board. I needed a easy way to create a liner, using a little bit of paper…this is what I came up with!

Easy Peasy!

Let’s use this example. On my EPB (Envelope Punch Board) it states that a card size of 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 would need to start out with a 8 X 8 inch square of paper. Your starting score would be at 3 1/2. So go cut your paper, and score your envelope, but don’t fold it yet.

Now, for the liner. Notice that the first number for the card size is 41/4? Well, you are going to subtract 1/4 from that size and cut a square. That means, cut a 4” Square for your liner.

Now round just ONE corner, not two. The other side does not show, and you need one side pointed so you know how to place it on your envelope correctly. This step creates a guideline for later.

Now, it’s time to punch two edges. Refer to the golden arrow below, notice it has two points to the arrow. You need to punch 1/8” less than the size of your square. So, in our example, our square is 4”. So line up your square with the rounded punched edge to the left, upper top of the EPB to the 3 7/8 mark and punch. Flip your paper and position like the following photo and punch again at 3 7/8.


The fun part! Place your liner on your envelope, centering the rounded corners and the points of the punch on both sides, even with the score line of the envelope.

This is my very first video…I lost count how many “takes” I had….surly I will get better at this. For those of you who need to see it, here you go!

The StampinUp Board is correct. If you have a WeRMemory makers Envelope Punch Board, you can get a new sticker with the correct size’s at:


How to create a liner using the envelope score board by We are Memory Makers or Stampin Up.

Remember... no matter how bad your day is going... at least your not stuck in a fence getting laughed at by a cow.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What’s on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 229



Finished up these Turkeys.  Not to happy about the bow, I am thinking they would look better with a smaller bow…or No bow at all.  I have posted the recipe here.

This is going to be short today!  Just got back from a Stress Test.  I think they call it that, because it stress’s you out while you are there!  HA!

If you are wondering what “What’s on Your Workdesk – Wednesday 229 means…. This gal named Julia Dunnit , has a wonderful Blog named Stamping Ground.  Besides all the wonderful posts she does all week long, every Wednesday she Posts to this topic.  What’s on your workdesk.  This week, it is her 229th time!  Come join us for the fun!

The End!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

What a bunch of Turkeys!


two turkeys_thumb[1]

This was fun!  I timed my second Turkey, and it took me 3 hours.  If you make one, PLEASE post on my Facebook page, your turkey!  Would love to see it! 

If you enjoy this post, Join my blog!  I have also added a link at the top right, so that you can subscribe to any future postings.

My Inspiration came from several places.  The first time I seen it was on Frenchie's page.  She has the best tutorial for making Rosettes.  It’s so good, I am not going to repeat it.  I learned some great tips from her.

I also seen Tim Holtz’s Quirky Turkey’s.  I intend to make these as place cards for Thanksgiving.

I went on a quest, trying to find the template for the turkey body and feet and found it at Archivers.  You will want to go there to download the template.



Prep these items:

3 Each - 4” X 12”, DP
3 Each - 3 1/2” x 12”, DP
3 Each – 3” X 12”, DP
3 Each – 2 1/2” X 12”, DP
8 Each 1 3/4 Circles or Scallop’s (I used my Stamping Up Punch) DP
16 Each 3” Circles (I used a Circle Scissors) DP
1 Each Chipboard – 6” Circle (I used Circle Scissors)
2 Each – 6” Circle DP
Die Cut Tattered Leaves using Burlap
Turkey Body and Feet out of Chipboard
2 Each Turkey Body and Feet DP

Border punch one side of each of the strips, and smudge distress inks over all edges, front and back.

4 new sizes 1_thumb[1]

Score every 1/2 inch and accordion fold.  Each size is going to make one rosette.  Attach the three pieces together of the like size with scor tape or red tape.

I completed the three small strips and had to run to do an errand, which means I needed to wash my hands, to get the ink off.  Found this cool tool to clean the ink or paint off my hands, so grabbed it.


HA!  It did not work!  I kept scrubbing and scrubbing and it was just useless….my memory is fading.  That is NOT a scrubbie, it’s a Adhesive Remover…now, I can tell you, it works AWESOME to remove glue goo, but for a hand cleaner, heck no!


The Scrubbie on the other hand, DOES work!  My suggestion, remember to grab the Scrubbie NOT the Adhesive Remover, you know, right tool for the right job..

I love to use Sookwang – Scor Tape instead of red tape, because I can just tear it, rather than grabbing the scissor's and cutting the tape…either one works.  Oh and see that nifty little tool that looks like I just picked it up from dentist?  A must have, if you have a die cut machine, but has it’s other uses like taking the liner off the scor tape, or the red tape.  I love to use clamps when I am making Rosettes…


Assemble your Rosette’s covering the glue with the 1 3/4 Circles or Scallop’s that you have smudged.

Now for the feathers in front of the Turkey.  Take two 3” Circles, glue them together, ink them up and fold them in half.

Then glue 4 of those circles together.  You will have two sets of “feathers”  Remember to ink up the edges.


Cover some chipboard on both sides with Pattern Paper, then cut out a 6 inch circle.  I dragged out my Xycrons.

Xyron_thumb[2]turkey body_thumb[1]

Cover some chipboard on both sides and trace out your pattern of the turkey body and feet, cut out.  I am DANGEROUS with a craft knife so I used Tim Holtz’s Tonic Scissors.

Smudge up your  Turkey body on both sides and the feet on one side.  Hint:  Look at my turkeys…I forgot to flip my feet on the Turkey on the left….but heck, he is still cute, right!

Assembly Time!  Stack up your 4 Rosettes, aligning them at the bottom.  Start with the largest one and Hot Glue the 2nd to the largest one to it.  It should stand up almost by itself.  Make sure it is centered left to right, but even on the bottom.  That is how he stands.  Continue on with the next three Rosettes.


Now hot glue the back edge of the turkey body to the rosette,  Your Turkey will almost stand up on it’s own at this point.


Hot Glue the  feet to your 6” circle

Hot Glue the bottom of the Rosettes and the bottom edge of the Turkey head to the 6” circle, placing him on his feet.


Tie a ribbon around his neck, add some Tim Hultz, Tattered Leaves, from Burlap.