Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WOYWW - 198

Oh my, it's Tuesday night...15 minutes to Wednesday! I ran and took a snapshot of my room and realized I had not done anything since my last, I decided to share a tool I bought sometime ago that I don't use much.

You know....was at a craft show, and I just could not leave without it. When I use it, I love it. yeppeers, it's the Zutter dreamkut. I was making notepads, in fact there one in that basket just to the right of the cutter. Great tool for that job.

I have to tell you something. I posted something on, that was hard to post.

I debated doing this for a long time. I have been struck down with crafters loneliness. I am starving for friends that love to do what I do, and can't seem to find any in my town.

Guess I don't get out much. Lots of folks replied, and I don't feel so different, as it seems others feel the same way. Some really wonderful ideas were suggested.

I am going to give some of them a shot!

This sounds like the first thing I want to try! OOVOO! This works on all sorts of devices and is really simple to figure out. it allows 15 people to use at the same time...that means 15 of us can get together, at the same time and craft together! We will be able to see what each of us is AND craft at the same time!

If you are interested, all you need to do is download rhe program. Then we have to have a way to find each other.

That can be done several ways. Our gmail emails is one way. Once I downloaded the software, I was asked for my gmail account and bingo, one of you were already using it. I am thinking that was because I follow queenlightwells blog. I met her on WOYWW!

Best of all, we don't even have to live in the same country!

Sounds fun to me! What do you think? Looking for OOVOO buddies!

Whoops, I was so excited to tell you all that, I forgot to say, if you suffer from craft loneliness like me....go take a peek at the stamping ground where Julia lives! She started this WOYWW (What's on your work desk - Wednesday). Simply said, crafters from all over the world take photos of their desks on Wednesday and share what they have been up to!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lattice Basket–Finished

What an event! I believe that this has been the hardest project I have ever attempted!

This basket was created for a 60th Wedding Anniversary. So had to go with the bling! I have filled the box with hand made cards and notepads.




Bling covering brad, that is holding on the handle


Bling covering brad on inside of basket. Can’t tell from photo, but this is a large rhinestone circled by little rhinestones.


If you want to read past blogs…and some tips of how to do this:

Inspiration, Frustration

Lattice work mastered

Almost done

and the final page! Well, you are on it! whew, what a challenge.

I am entering this project on the March Challenge on the Ribbon Girls Blog. not sure what the heck I am doing, as this will be my first challenge I have ever participated in....