Saturday, March 16, 2013

Make your own Memo Pads!

This was SIMPLY to much FUN!

Recipe for Memo Pads


8 1/5 X 11 Bright White Paper (regular ol printer paper)
8 1/5 X 11 Chipboard (not to thick, for backs, can even use cereal boxes)
Paper Cutter
Wooden Shims
Clamps (even binder clamps work)

Design your paper!

You can use any “typing” program you have!  Here are the directions for Creative Memories Storybook 4.0.  Now, don’t worry.  The concept I have done for Storybook 4.0, is really, the same for pretty much any software…like word..or publisher for example.  I just love love love Storybook!  I have very expensive graphic draw programs….but…..after working in IT and coming home, the last thing I want to do, is learn another program…..these graphic programs, I found hard.  Not simple to us…..I did, however, find Storybook very very SIMPLE to use….kinda like a no brainer….and the link I gave you….you can try out for free for 30 days…what more can you ask for!

Printer your design!

I print 22, so that I have a pad with 40 in it!  I get 2 pads from this print job.  I usually make 2 of one design and two of another.

Cut your paper into quarters (4 1/4 X 5 1/5)

I have to tell you….I got out my Zutter Dreamcut machine!  because, it cuts papers evenly each time.  As you probably already know, using a paper cutter, doesn’t really do this, when you are going to stack 40 ish papers together….its very hard to cut them all the same.  My dreamcut machine does this soooooooooooo nicely.  I bought it for production type activities and this was certainly one of those events!
Stack, Clamp and Glue
Notice from the first photo, I took some pieces of wood (I used shims) for 1.57 all I did was lay one, one way, and the other, the other way….you know, so that it was squared up.
Stacked my paper as even as I could get it in this order:
  • blank piece of paper
  • chipboard
  • 40 or so pieces of my very own designer paper
  • blank piece of paper…marked where the top is, so I glue the correct side….
Clamped it so I could then glue.  Now, for clamps, you can just use something very heavy and put the edge of your papers right on the end of your table so you can glue the edge….or you can clamp like I am going….or you can clamp with those big binder clips you get in the office area of stores…  the point here, is stack your paper crisply and evently, hold down the paper stack tight so that the glue only goes on the edge….(use clamps, books, anything that will hold it tight)
Now for glue.  All over the internet they tell you to buy padding compound.  Well, I could not find it.  oh, I could on line for about $20.00 or so…enough to last 5 lifetimes….heck!  then I found you could make your own…
My inspiration came from Andrea Arch, however, when I seen the glycerin, I did not even try….Glycerine…I have shopped for in the past, hard thing to find…
so, I used good ol Elmers.  Now, don’t go out and buy this one….look in your stash, look for glue that is thick not runny.  When you find it, take brush, or a sponge brush and paint the edge.  After you paint the edge add some more clamps so that the edge stays straight.
Let it dry to the touch and remove only the clamps on the edge so that you can paint another coat, then clamp back down.  Dry and there you go!
I got the biggest kick out of that notepad you see above.  We were going to my brother-in-laws for dinner.  He is a retired butcher…so, I thought, he might like a notepad….I went to google and searched butcher silloute (notice I did not even spell silhouette correctly!) and found these…to dang cute, so, yeppers, I used the one of the pig chasing the butcher.  He loved it!
When looking for images I often go to, then click on images (on the black ribbon, third one from the left), then type in my search words…in this case it was butcher silloute and STILL found some images…wonder what I would have found if I spelled it correctly!  HA!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WOYWW - 197

Notice the lattice panels! Yeah! Finally! if you are crazy, and want to lace up your own, I blogged some tips, on the blog just before this one. Actually, in several blogs prior to this one!
What you see there is one heck of a complicated project for me! I am gluing on the lattice panels in the above

I think I am going to use this for a diamond anniversary. Have to go shopping for some bling. I need a diamond brad not a star!
I am sooooooo close to finally finishing this! Just the fun part of decorating left! The hard part is over!
What you see is what is on my desk this morning! Stop over at Julia's to find out more about WOYWW!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ribbon Lattice Work


Well, I gave up, trying to weave my new spellbinders die, Lattice Rectangles, S4-319, however, I did locate the die used in the project on ebay.  As you know from previous posts, the die used in the project is discontinued.

My inspiration came from two sources. 

Amazing Paper Grace
Tara’s Craft Studio

On Amazing Paper Grace, you will find a video.  It is just awesome to watch, she also has a weaving guide.  I had a hard time understanding the weaving guide, so I recreated another that makes since to me.

You will need 2 yards of ribbon for each panel.  If you are going to put the weave on all 4 sides of the box, you will need 8 yards of ribbon.  I have color coded my notes for you.  The blue notes use your first yard of ribbon.  Thread your ribbon up through the first hole and tape down your tail. Notice I say up and down.  That means, thread your ribbon up through the hole or down through the hole.  Also note I say OOUUOO as an example.  That means on your way over to the next hole, cross over, over, under, under, over, over any ribbon on the way Smile

Lattice weaving guide

Please please, leave a comment if you give this a shot, I would love to know, if I made the weaving process simpler.  Please check out Amazing Paper Graces tutorial, Grace’s may be MUCH simpler than mine….we are all different and seem to learn, very differently from one to another.

I own a pazzles, but I am not so good at creating with it.  Hopefully, someone will recreate this die, so that those of us with machines can try this out as purchasing the die is a problem.  Here is a scan of the die, in the event you happen to be able to recreate this as a wpc file.