Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WOYWW - 194


What do you get when you mix Tara's craft studio , Amazing Paper Grace AND a material list, that contains a discontinued item...


I seen that beautiful basket, I had to stop all projects I was in and do it right then!

Of course, I did not have the die....nor could I find one for sale...I could find a similar die that had 4 extra holes...hummm, then I thought, use your Pazzles and cut your own....well....I have been working on this since the 15th when I received my blog email....that's 5 days ago!

When you mix Tara and Grace with Amazing Paper Grace together, I think, I have entered craft Heaven...although...this time, presenting such a beautiful project and you can't buy the die (it's been discontinued) totally flustered me.

A challenge! I love day I work in an Computer Network and Engineering department that has the responsibility of over 100,000 devices to keep track of and keep about puzzles. What makes there good in that environment, is I won't quit until I master it....or at least until I think I have mastered it! LOL.

So, after trying to make my own failed...trying to get others to make it for me, failed...running to Michaels and buying the die you see above comes very just might work...still working on the weaving pattern. I found the die on eBay in England! Cost me a bloody bid paying the difference in our monies and having it shipped to me, but, come hell or high water, I'm gonna make that basket.

So that's the green thing laying on my desk.....wonder why I am telling you this? It's Julia's Idea! Click on that last link, to find out why!