Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Tip of the Week - Thursday's!

Each week, I find that I learn something new.  I am guessing that you also learn something new.

Some new way to do something easier, or a new way to organize…something.  We learn these things from Pinterest, YouTube, web-browsing, word-of-mouth and sometimes by accident!

Each Thursday, I am going to post what I learned…Join me and post what you learned!

My Tip of the week!

I keep a water bottle real close, so I can spray my craft mat, or my hands when using my inks.  I found another cleaner, that is awesome!  It works on everything else that is not water based, and it’s easy n the pocketbook!  Plain ol rubbing Alcohol!  I love this in a wipe for my studio!


Ok!  It’s your turn, just put your tip in the comment below! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What’s on your Work Desk–Wednesday 230



Wednesday roll around so quickly!  Each Wednesday crafters from around the world post photos of their desks and what they have been up to on Julia Dunnit from Stampin Ground’s blog.

This week, I posted my very first video.  Without a camera and without a tripod.  I asked an internet friend how she did it, and she sent a photo saying it was her “redneck” setup.  I had to send a photo back and say, here is my Okie setup!

I just hung the IPad over an organizer on my desk, and started filming.  I redid it over and over and over, and decided I will never be perfect, I will learn to be better with time and added it to my blog post How to Make a Liner with your Envelope Punch Board.  If you post video’s to youtube, please share what kinda of camera you have and what software you use to edit it.  I would LOVE to know what you use!

You also see a card I am working on.  My first attempt on a card usually gets thrown away, while I am figuring out how to put it together.  This is really a cute idea, just above the “Christmas” you can see some flaps, you open the card this way and out POP’s a gift card.  Yep the gift card, kinda POP’s out.  Just figured out the card fold, I need to have a few of these on hand for Birthdays and Christmas coming up.  Will blog about how to put it together later so subscribe to my blog and you will get the update.

Just noticed a candy dish my dear sweet MIL painted. 

I will finish with the craziest thing I seen yesterday.  We have a little Yorkie with a very little bed.  My son has a 65 lb Border Collie Mix.  He spent the night Tuesday, along with “Donnie” his dog.  When I got up, this is where I found Donnie.  I have seen him do this before, he circles and circles and circles, until he can get his butt in the tiny little bed….of course, he looked at me with those sweet eyes, that said, “please don’t make me move” so I ran and got the camera!  Sheesh!


Monday, October 28, 2013

How to make a liner with your Envelope Punch Board

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I am truly enjoying my new Envelope Punch Board. I needed a easy way to create a liner, using a little bit of paper…this is what I came up with!

Easy Peasy!

Let’s use this example. On my EPB (Envelope Punch Board) it states that a card size of 4 1/4 X 5 1/2 would need to start out with a 8 X 8 inch square of paper. Your starting score would be at 3 1/2. So go cut your paper, and score your envelope, but don’t fold it yet.

Now, for the liner. Notice that the first number for the card size is 41/4? Well, you are going to subtract 1/4 from that size and cut a square. That means, cut a 4” Square for your liner.

Now round just ONE corner, not two. The other side does not show, and you need one side pointed so you know how to place it on your envelope correctly. This step creates a guideline for later.

Now, it’s time to punch two edges. Refer to the golden arrow below, notice it has two points to the arrow. You need to punch 1/8” less than the size of your square. So, in our example, our square is 4”. So line up your square with the rounded punched edge to the left, upper top of the EPB to the 3 7/8 mark and punch. Flip your paper and position like the following photo and punch again at 3 7/8.


The fun part! Place your liner on your envelope, centering the rounded corners and the points of the punch on both sides, even with the score line of the envelope.

This is my very first video…I lost count how many “takes” I had….surly I will get better at this. For those of you who need to see it, here you go!

The StampinUp Board is correct. If you have a WeRMemory makers Envelope Punch Board, you can get a new sticker with the correct size’s at:


How to create a liner using the envelope score board by We are Memory Makers or Stampin Up.

Remember... no matter how bad your day is going... at least your not stuck in a fence getting laughed at by a cow.