Thursday, February 28, 2013


A day late and a dollar short....this past week has been so busy for me. I am so excited my order for Graphic45 came in! I ordered from Pretty Papers, Pretty Ribbon, my first order, and was so surprised at how she shipped! Each item was wrapped in pretty tissue, tied with a different colored satin ribbon, along with extra papers and a rhinestone application, and a hand signed note. I thought it was my birthday, opening a special gift! My hat is off to Renee, for her style!
Can't wait to use this beautiful paper!
This week was spent in labeling chairs for work. Our conference room chairs, disappear, with broken chairs put in their this is what we are trying!
yep, vinal! They really turned out cute! I ran out of the sparkly silver I was using, so until it comes in, At least I got the room number on them. I sent the cut through with my paper layed out 24x12 and of course my paper cuts the other direction of 12x24....this is the reason I ran out of vinal! Ruined a good part of it. I love vinal. While I was doing this, I also made a sign for the door. My daytime job is Working in the IT department. I made labels for 15 chairs!
LoJack is a software package that allows you to locate a stolen device, like a laptop, when stolen. it also allows you to wipe the drive, so that the perpetrator can't use your "LoJack enabled" really put smiles on everyone's face!
Still working on my weaving project...not giving up..if you are wondering why I am telling you all this, stop over at Julia's place and find out!