Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Make a Burlap Rose–Part 3

My Journey of trying to cut Burlap with a Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Die Cut Machine – PART 3


Part 1 - How to prepare your Burlap
Part 2 – How to Assemble the Rose.


Well, mud on my face, I was unsuccessful!  I was just told that sometimes a steel die just works….and I truly could have made 100 Roses by now, by not fiddling with this.

But just incase you want to give this a go, I will tell you what I did, and if you figure this out, please let me know!


I took prepared burlap (prepared burlap from now on will mean, I have dipped it in the 50% mod podge and water to stiffen it) and used painter’s tape to tape down to my mat.  I used the balsa wood setting with the blade at 6.  The burlap moved, Had to stop my machine.

I put the raw burlap on my mat and covered it with clear contact paper.  This cuts but you really can’t see the shape well. 


I put the prepared burlap on my mat and covered it with clear contact paper. This cut’s but slips

I tried it again, but sandwiched the prepared burlap between the contact paper. 


I sandwiched the prepared burlap between two sheets of freezer paper and fused it by ironing it.  This performs like the contact paper, except the paper get’s cut perfectly, so when you do a second pass it lifts up.  Contact paper is better.


Oh dear God, where was my mind?  I sandwiched the burlap between two sheets of red tape.  Worked!  but…..OF COURSE it leaves the burlap sticky on both sides….another No-GO and this brainy idea of mine, could have been a blooper!

It just dawned on me, while typing this, to fuse the freezer paper to the burlap and cover it with the red tape…Just measured the thickness it’s 1.69MM which is under the 2.0MM limit of the machine.

I am going to post this, as I need to have a rest from this project.  Have you ever worked on a problem so long that you just don’t want to do it any more?

Sorry folks….at this time, I would highly recommend using the BIGZ die.



Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to make a Burlap Rose–Part 2

How to prepare burlap for die cutting – Part 1
My journey trying to cut burlap on my Pazzles - Part 3 


Please refer to Part 1, How to prepare your Burlap for Mechanical Die Cutting or Electronic Die Cutting.


Now that you have your burlap dipped in glue, dried and trimmed up, you are ready to cut!

What you will need:


Notice I have laid my burlap covering the big flower.  I of course covered with another clear plate and ran this through.


Easy Peasy!


I slid the burlap over and cut the second one.  Of course if you want the little flower you could just cover your die and cut normally.  To make a Rose, you will need three each of this large flower.


I was not happy about all the burlap stuck on my new die!  I found that these lent free towels do a wonderful job of cleaning them up.


Hum…had to go make breakfast, took a shot of this…I think it should say Grease a Marie Callender’s Pie Tin, not a round cake pan…I’m Just Sayen…

The best way to learn how to do a rose is to watch Lorinda's Video.

I’m just going to give you photo’s so that if you are like me, you want to print it out and follow along…

WPC File Of Sizzix Die
Cut up WPC File
InVue PGV File
SVG File
JPG File


This should make since, after you watched Lorinda’s Video.  Should I say, I pray it makes since!

All the black lines are cut lines

  • Flower #1
    • Cut between the petals, one time to the center.
    • Cut between the petals approximately 1/4 inch.
    • Cut the top of the petal off just to the right of your cut to the center of the flower and throw away.
  • Flower #2 and saved piece.
    • Cut between the petals, one time to the center.
    • Cut one entire petal off and Save it.
    • Cut the top of the petal off, just to the right of your “V Cut” or maybe better said, just to the right of your center cuts, and throw away.
    • Cut between the petals approximately 1/4 inch.
    • From your saved petal, cut two petals, it will resemble a heart when done.
  • Flower #3
    • Cut between the petals, one time to the center.
    • Cut two petals off. and Save it.
    • Cut the top of the petal off, just to the right of the above cut out and throw away.
    • Cut between the petals approximately 1/4 inch.
    • From your saved petal, cut 4 petals, it will look like two joined hearts


Flower # 1

Here is where the video is much better than the photos to learn.

Just notice this layer has 5 petals after you have hot glued it.

I took a skewer and rolled each petal under

Then place it on the table and slightly pushed the flower down in the middle to slightly shape it.


Flower #2

Do the same thing as you did to flower #1, EXCEPT turn it over and snip the bottom so you have a gaping hole in it.  Remember to save the heart for later.



Snip Snip!


Remember to roll your petals down.

On the back side of flower #2, put some hot glue all round the gaping hole. 

It was so dern hard to put the glue on, keep it hot, snap a photo with the other hand and NOT show you those ugly nails….

Sit the second flower down into flower #1, off sitting the petals.  I take a skewer and push all around to make sure its down nice and tight.


Ah, reward……’s starting to come together!  WhoooHoooo!


hum…wine must have gotten to me…and you…it’s really not blurry…it’s the wine…..

Do the same thing to flower #3, as you did flower #2.  Notice it only has three petals.

Take your saved piece and cut 4 petals…  Save it and flip flower #3 over put hot glue all around the outside and press it into your budding rose….offsetting the petals.


Who’s fingers are those anyways?

Ok, now it get’s a bit hard to explain.  Take the saved piece that has 4 petals.  Roll it tightly up and release it.  This softens the burlap and breaks it down a bit.

Put Hot glue on the edge and roll it up again.  You are making the inner petal.


Take your last saved piece that looks like a heart, soften it a bit and glue it to the outside of the other inner petal.


Here is something I do that’s a bit different.  I take that inner piece, and place it in the flower we have built so far.  In my opinion the inner petal is standing up to high


So, I cut the tip off.  I sit it back in the flower and it looked great, so next I filled up the gaping hole with hot glue well, not full, but was generous.

Place the inner petal into the center…..hold it for a bit till the glue hardens.  It will release from how you rolled it…that’s ok.


YOU did it!  Whew!

After I did two of them, I no longer have to look at my notes!  It’s really quite simple, and comes together quickly…not counting prepping the burlap that is!

Ok, next blog post will be how to cut burlap on an electronic die cut machine, God willing!

How to make a Burlap Rose–Part 1

How to prepare burlap for die cutting
How to Die Cut Burlap – Part 2 
My Journey trying to cut burlap on my Pazzles – Part 3


I think, I am late in the game of Burlap!  Funny, loosely woven burlap has traditionally been used for sacks.  I am going to guess that not many years ago, my ancestors used burlap for clothing, or at least that was the stories told along with no shoes to walk in the snow to school.


If you follow my blog, you know that I am a CASE’D crafter!  “Copy and Share Everything”  My burlap flower was inspired by Lorinda’s video.  My Burlap Rose just made this weeks favorite on Splitcoaststampers for the week ending July 20, 2014. 


So, enough rambling, I will grab another cup of coffee and tell you what I learned!

Lorinda’s video will teach you how to create the rose.  If you have never cut burlap before, you are going to be in for a surprise…not a good surprise, but a surprise…the dern stuff is so crooked on the edges…it’s impossible to cut straight.  Take a look at this and come right back.  I will go get another cup of coffee.


Ok, now that you have an idea how to cut the burlap these are the tools you will need.

  • Sizzix’s Flower Layers #5
    • Sizzix is out of stock, however I did find mine on ebay.
  • Burlap
    • Wallmart, Joannes, Michaels sells this at about 2.99 to 1.99 a yard.  A yard will make a lot of flowers!    You will need three 3.25” Square’s. If you only want to make a few 1/8 of a yard will do.  You can click on the photo and it will take you to this calculator.


  • Mod Podge
    • Any kind will do…Elmer’s would do.  I even used Liquitex Matte Gell.  What ever you choose to use mix it 1:1 with water. I used a plastic shoe box to mix and dip in.
  • Clothes Pins
  • Clothes Hanger
  • Sicissors
  • Pokie tool thing (this is what I use, you can use a paper clip opened up or a needle)  hum, pokie tool thing?  I guess it’s a dentist probe…not liking the sound of that, I will keep it at Pokie tool thing.

Ok now that you have gathered all your things, it’s time to cut your burlap.  Make sure you take a peek at this, if you have never cut burlap before.

Since you are going to be cutting the large image three times, no need to waste your burlap.  I pulled a thread every 3.25 or 3.5 inches across the short side of the fabric. 

Once you have your strips it’s time to mix up your glue.  You don’t have to be exact…just eyeball it and mix it with 50% water in your plastic shoe box.

Take your strips and dip them in their…oh WAIT…..I had to do this outside, close to my garbage can because it’s going to drip like crazy. 


Really wishing I had a clothes line at this point…Now, the card I posted above, I did that bunch of burlap by dipping into the glue and squeezing it out and then hanging it…oh my gosh….yes, it worked, yes, it dried faster, yes, I used way less glue but holy heck Batman, I had to iron it, and iron it again with steam…it was 106 that day and I swore I would NEVER do that again!  Glue is cheep…Air Conditioning not so…

Notice how straight my burlap is….Smile  no ironing this way!

I pour my glue back into the glue container and use it again .

Ok this next step you can do or not…I prep my burlap before I need it, and it would not surprise me if I had a bit of OCD going on.  I trim up my edges.  This makes the next step way easier, if you are concerned with saving burlap, because you can see the edges clearly.


Ah, come on now, aren’t you impressed with how that burlap feels?  Wait until you cut it girlfriend!

That’s all for today folks!  Get your burlap ready and I will see you on the next blog post – Topic – Cutting stiffened burlap on a big shot.  Oh and after that, God Willing, how to cut burlap on an electronic die cutter….

….pssssst….if you took the time to read this and I took the time to write this, please leave me a comment!  It’s the only way I know, if anyone reads them.  It encourages me to write again.  Let me know if you enjoy/or not, my postings.