Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 269


WOW, I have not done a post for WOYWW since November 24, 2013.  Time sure goes by fast!

I have missed this group!  Guess what!  I finally retired!  I have been so busy working on my house that I have done very little card making.  I have however been busy making vinyl wall hangings for my home, sewing pillows for my patio set, making burlap roses….mason jar soap dispensers, homemade laundry soap, canning stuff from the garden (I think most are are blogged) but….no cards!

What is up with that!

I ordered a cute little Halloween stamp, and this morning it looked so ignored on my VERY MESSY Desk…while working on it, I remembered WOYWW and decided to pop in and say “Hi” and see if I could find Julia’s purple glasses.  If you don’t know what WOYWW is….Pop over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and check it out


Now, what is on that desk…goal for today, clean craft room….I hate it when my desk is a mess…really and truly…The flowers just above the Halloween card are fabric…you can see my burlap flower project. This project started off, because I wanted one of those cute Mason Jar Soap Dispensers in each bathroom.  Well that was easy enough.  Even made my own soap to go in them (1 C shredded soap (I used old hotel soap I hoarded and 1 C water, boil till dissolved).  Of course I needed to decorate the jar, which lead to decorating the old Dixie cup holder you see and my towel basket.

Do you see that little pin cushion, just above the card….so simple………..yeah right, for everyone but me…a girlfriend was over, and for the life of us, after we stuffed the lid we could not screw it back on the mason jar….finally found another tutorial that made since to me and it worked.  Thank goodness for YouTube.  Simple project………………..took 1/5 day to figure out….must be my age…

Well that’s all for today…praying I don’t wait another 8 months to visit!