Thursday, November 29, 2012

WOYWW- 182

It's 4AM, I have my cup of coffee, reading all your bloggs and realizing This is Wednesday. I missed the last two weeks. This week I was prepared to craft while on the road from California to Phoenix for a business trip.

My dear sister is traveling with me for company. We filled the trunk completely with suitcases for 8 days along with craft items to work on Christmas cards. This is day 5 and the crafts are sitting in the suitcases unopened, the back seat if full of shopping treasures. While I was in meetings and classes, she at least relearned how to crochet. I am praying when I get out of my classes today, I will open the suitcases and START!

Sucuss! We actually pulled everything out, got organized, figured out what we were going to do this year, then recived a call from Hubbie...

"Did you know that you are in Arizona and the power-ball game is over 500 million or something like that...please go buy tickets..."

Poo! Off we went to buy tickets...and wine...and fast food so we could eat drink and be marry while making cards....well we did not win the Lottery, we did however get so relaxed, we only made 4 cards. see the cute Baby Janes Sister made!

We were so relaxed, we forgot to take photos of the desk and post this blog!

We hope to work again tonight then pack back up and head to California.

If you are wondering why in the heck I am blogging and showing photos of suitcases, go to Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground. Julia started the "What's on your workweek - Wednesday" group. Each Wednesday, we get to be snoopy and peek at desktops all over the world! Come join us!