Thursday, December 6, 2012

WOYWW - 183

Well, it’s Thursday again…I think that my goal is to be the last one on Julia’s list!  HA.  I can’t seem to get it together for Wednesday, however…my desk is exactly the same today as yesterday with the exception of moving the plate from one desk to another.  If you are wondering what I am talking about, each week on Wednesdays (others) post photo’s of exactly what is on there desks.  It’s quite interesting to snoop around the world!  Come and Join us!
You can see my last years Christmas Cards on the left…yep, considering mailing these out AGAIN this year…what’s the odds that folks will remember them?
My new mat came in for my glue gun…I am especially looking forward to using the finger guards…cause I always burn mine!  I will let you know how these tools work out.
Ha, you can see my fitbit charging device.  I wear this every day…I was only taking 300 steps a day now I am up to 3000 without trying and usually get 5000 and once in a while hit my goal of 10,000.
As you can see I am working on a project.  It’s being glued right now, I should be able to turn it over tonight.  Can’t wait….Christmas Present in the making!  Can you guess what it is?  Christmas present in the background waiting to be wrapped…oh my what a busy time of the year.  Last night about one hour after I got home the door bell rang…you guessed it, it was my hiney catching up with me..  I am going to practice KISS today….”keep it simple, sweetie!” and sign off keeping the spirit of WOYWW!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

WOYWW- 182

It's 4AM, I have my cup of coffee, reading all your bloggs and realizing This is Wednesday. I missed the last two weeks. This week I was prepared to craft while on the road from California to Phoenix for a business trip.

My dear sister is traveling with me for company. We filled the trunk completely with suitcases for 8 days along with craft items to work on Christmas cards. This is day 5 and the crafts are sitting in the suitcases unopened, the back seat if full of shopping treasures. While I was in meetings and classes, she at least relearned how to crochet. I am praying when I get out of my classes today, I will open the suitcases and START!

Sucuss! We actually pulled everything out, got organized, figured out what we were going to do this year, then recived a call from Hubbie...

"Did you know that you are in Arizona and the power-ball game is over 500 million or something like that...please go buy tickets..."

Poo! Off we went to buy tickets...and wine...and fast food so we could eat drink and be marry while making cards....well we did not win the Lottery, we did however get so relaxed, we only made 4 cards. see the cute Baby Janes Sister made!

We were so relaxed, we forgot to take photos of the desk and post this blog!

We hope to work again tonight then pack back up and head to California.

If you are wondering why in the heck I am blogging and showing photos of suitcases, go to Julia's blog at the Stamping Ground. Julia started the "What's on your workweek - Wednesday" group. Each Wednesday, we get to be snoopy and peek at desktops all over the world! Come join us!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's on your work desk - Wednesday -179

I returned to work this week, and there sits my project, almost done. Can you see my new Spellbinders Impressionability? It was waiting for me when I arrived home yesterday. This is my first one, I can't wait to put it to work.

Under my card and box I am working on, you can see my mats. If you look closely you can see I have layered them. Last week, I was using my non-stick craft sheet, I was rolling it up when I was done with it.... Every time I used it, It would curl, driving me nuts. So, I decided it would be just as easy to grab it from under my glass plate and the glass plate would keep it flat! Then, I decided that I would put my green mat on top of that, because I can see through my glass plate. Well I don't know if its going to last, but I am giving this a shot.

Oh let me tell you about my glass served in my kitchen for years. It's really a glass cutting board. I don't think I paid 10.00 for it. When I looked at craft glass mats, I just could not turn loose of the money for one. The cutting board I have has a texture on top of it, which just would not play nicely when I was stamping or cutting. I just turned it over! The legs easily popped off. So if you wished you had a glass cutting mat...try the kitchen area!

Julia, from Stamping-Ground, started What’s on your Work Desk. She started posting “What's on your work desk, on Wednesday’s Many crafters from around the world, pause, take a snapshot of there work desks on Wednesdays, just as it is.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


How to Cut Vinyl
Tutorial - Inspiration Pro 2010
Inspiration Pro 2010 WYSIWYG

My Craft Room

I believe I started crafting in 2003.  This was the year I broke both my wrists.  A dear friend, invited me to a Stamping Up Class, and I was hooked…

My Craft Room, has been a reorganization journey.  I created this some time ago and posted it somewhere on the web….I of course, can’t find it anywhere now, so decided to blog it, where I can find it again!  Jeepers!  They say, the memory is the first to go…I say, I am in trouble~

My Craft Room

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WOYWW - 178 - (What's on Your Work Desk - Wednesday)

Julia, from Stamping-Ground, started What’s on your Work Desk. She started posting “What's on your work desk, on Wednesday’s Many crafters from around the world, pause, take a snapshot of there work desks on Wednesdays, just as it is.

Each Wednesday….I would peek into other’s craft rooms. I have learned so much! The most important lesson I have learned from visiting WOYWW, is. I AM NORMAL!

I would be at home, at many others craft rooms. most importantly, I could probably find anything I was looking for!

Make sure you visit the Stamping-Ground, so that you can see how others stamp, craft and find out how normal you really are!

JoZart, last week, was traveling. I knew this would be my second week to post in WOYWW, and knew I would be in Reno, Nevada...looking for a house! I took her lead, and am posting makeshift work desk! HA!

I decided to bring my copics with me, so I could get started on my Christmas cards. I was glad I did. while hubbie was watching sports on TV, I got busy.

I tell you, I am having a time writing this blog, in the car, driving home on my iPad. I hope I don't make myself car sick. I just love old images..this was my first attempt of coloring this image. Can't wait to put it to a card. I fussy cut it, and wished I had my photo cube with time I am packing it.

I still have work to do on both images. I am not happy with the shading. The light in the hotel was horrible for coloring...or at least that is my excuse.

All cleaned up and packed!



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW -177 (What’s on your Work desk–Wednesday)


Julia, from Stamping-Ground, started What’s on your Work Desk.  She started posting “What's on your work desk, on Wednesday’s  What a terrific idea.

I have been a voyeur long enough! 

Each Wednesday….I would peek into other’s craft rooms.  I have learned so much!  Like, I am normal, there desk looks just like mine…stuff everywhere!

Make sure you visit the Stamping-Ground, so that you can see how others stamp, craft and find out how normal you really are!

What a mess!  Just finished my first project from Amazing Paper Grace September Kit.  Now that I am looking at this photo.  I started this project as soon as I received it, sat it down, along with several other projects.  This week, my goal is to finish what I have started.   I am off to a good start with this lovely book.  I can see, I will be making this book again.  I love the binding technique and the little book that is housed inside.  Great techniques.  I blogged earlier about joining one subscription a year, and this year I chose Grace’s new kits.  I love her feminine style in her cards and projects.
My dear hubby made the bow maker for me…with my hands, I think it’s the only way I can tie a bow!
See my new pails!  I love them for garbage and clearing my table of stuff I am using for the current project.
This was the first time I used a pearl transfer.  Although beautiful, I think I will stick to creating my own embellishments, due to the cost…but how pretty is that!  I love the handles to the book and how this book was bound.  To cute to add a wooden button to a flower!
APG 09_12 Cover
This was my first time working with glassine. It was just perfect for the postage stamps, and went beautifully with the paper bag material.
APG 09_12 Pg 1_2
Can you see the cute tags sticking out of the top of the pages?  Each page has a slot in the top for a tag.  Love the vellum covering the windows.  Since the glassine frame covered up the glue spots!
APG 09_12 Pg 3_4
APG 09_12 Pg 5_6
This was my favorite page…I love the insert on the right hand side.  This was a little book, inside the book.  It was so simple to make,  It was four pieces of paper, cut to 8 1/8  X 5.5, and scored 4” from each side.  Then you pierce a hole through all four sheets one inch from the top and one inch from the bottom in the and run a brad through the holes.  To simple!
APG 09_12 Pg 5_insert
The Spellbinders dies, rubber stamps, ribbon, paper, brads, flowers…everything comes with the kit.  I have plans for these dies and stamps!  Great addition to my stash.
APG 09_12 Pg 9_10
God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December.  Makes me smile Smile
APG 09_12 Pg 11_12
I just had to stamp the back of the book…
APG 09_12 back of book
One Christmas gift down….
The other project was a card!  Now, let me ask you this…how is this going to fit in an envelope?  This was fun and quick to make.  I sure love the die cuts and the stamps!
APG 9_12 FrontCard

APG 9_12 InsideCard
I promised myself I would not get behind on these projects!  It’s the third week in October and just finished the first Month.  I'm gonna stop procrastinating one of these days.  Tomorrow, I will start Octobers Package!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rowdy Ribbons


Often, I just seem to have every color of ribbon BUT the one I need! 

Seam Binding

The only place I have found seam binding in many colors and for a good prices is on Amazon.  It’s about  .10 a yard!  I buy a cream color and a white. 

I have taken my reinkers and added a few drops into a zip lock baggie with just a bit of water and then tossed in 5 yards of seam binding.  After I have the color I am after I drain out all the water, and pat it “dry” with paper towels.  You can iron the ribbon flat again if you choose.  You can also use tea and coffee to stain the seam binding…

Ribbon Holder

You know how you buy things and they sandwich it between acrylic sheets…..horrible to open up!  I have bad hands due to an accident, and can hardly open these suckers ups. One of my favorite Christmas gifts….my husband received that I inherited are electric scissors.  They are great for opening up merchandise.

As you can see, I have cut a square, whole punched it, and used my trusty word window punch from Stampin Up.  Ran a ring through the punch and hung up with the rest of the ribbon!

Seam Binding Hung Up

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bookmarks, Hippo style!




My Sister, Sandi and I jumped in the car for a 4 hour trip from Central California to join our Aunt Catherine who lives in the Chino Area.  That’s about a four and a half hour trip.  We had the best time.  We were on our way to a 4 day craft event!  Early the second day we arose to attend the Scrapbook Expo in Onerio California, where we met up with Joy.  We spent our time going from booth to booth finding wonderful things just to look at, take photo’s of and of course, enable each other.


Aunt Cathy purchased a beautiful Vintaj Special Edition Sizzix BIGkick Machine.  We could not wait to get home and use it.  Joy came over later and brought some of her dies.  I was so amazed at how quick and easy this machine cut very thick chipboard…neither my spellbinders Grand Wizard or my Pazzles will do that with as much ease as the Sizzix did….I may have to tell Santa about this…


One of the dies, I thought was so cute, of Joys was the Sizzix Medium die Hippo.   Don’t you agree?  He is so cute!  Would be just wonderful for a child’s birthday party or card…


As soon as I had a chance, I started chalking the little devil and found myself with a cute herd!


The camera is real good at grabbing colors!  I can tell you that in real life, the colors are a bit software and way more blended….maybe the other photos will prove that….looks like they rolled in the mud here to me!


Then the question came from Joy, what are you going to do with them!  Well, I don’t really have any kids in the family under 9….except me.  So I pondered!


I love to take chipboard and make cute little paper clips for the office, they also double as book marks so, off I went!


I took some Mega paper clips, or you can use Jumbo’s….and glued my two of my hippos to a die cut (mistake!!!! when I cut them I could have reversed 1/5 of them….I did not do this, so I had to think of a way to put one on back of the other….you see, my hippos were all going in the same direction!  see the photo above?  not good for this, so if you make them do a left and a right version….other wise, you will have to improvise like I did…

If your hippos are all going the same way… is one way to improvise:

First I die cut and embossed the second to the largest of the Spellbinders Beaded Oval's (S4-294)  on some scrap two sided paper.  When I placed my hippo on the paper it looked to bland to me, so I decided to take some of my seam binding and lace it through the beaded oval.

I had already had some died seam binding.  If you have not seen this done…you need to check out Kim's Craft Cottage for directions.  It’s a great way to have many colors of ribbon!  Notice my ribbon looks “tied died”  I just love that look.

thread ribbon

Spellbinders die


Put your paper clip in the glue


Cover it with one of the hippos


Flip it over and paste another hippo on the back side the pen the hippo down before he runs off!

You will need to let him sit for 30 minutes


Then tried him out in a book!  ah…he’s so cute!




I take them to work and use with my files and papers

Filefolders or papers

Cute gifts for teachers and coworkers….Christmas is on it’s way!  Thank you Joy for sharing your die with me.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amazing Paper Grace September 2012 Crafting Kit


(you can click on my photos and they take you to the site, where they originated)


I am so excited!  Each year, I participate in one monthly service.  I have done many things over the years.  Let me tell you about the first one!


I joined PC Crafter’s site and purchased the PC Club for one year.  This was in 2007.  I have a whole year, covering all the holidays of wonderful graphics that I still use!  Loved this subscription!!!  That year, I started incorporating digital into my crafts.  This choice proved to be a good choice for a year subscription for me.  I only do subscriptions for one year, and so far, have not repeated a subscription for any additional years…oh except for, but that’s not crafting.


I joined Pazzles Craft Room for one year, when I purchased my Pazzles Machine.  I opted this time for the $99.00 thing, because of the Excellent Training that would be delivered for two years.  I started this 9/11, so this subscription goes on until 9/9/13.  This has proven to me to be an excellent purchase.  The support for the machine, and for learning is awesome.  I had other die cut machines, but none, that empowered me to use the machine by educating me has been superior to theirs.


I have done other’s, however those two have been the ones I am most impressed with.  I started Crafting I believe in 2003.  The first year or two, I did the Close to My Heart, Stampen Up clubs, Creative Memories classes and purchases.  I grew out of that.  Both companies and consultants offered superior product and were expertly trained.  I recommend to newbies to start there.  I learned technique, material that experience has never left me.  I am still friends with all companies and still on occasion purchase from them.  In fact, software I use almost weekly for many things other than crafting, is Creative Memories Memory Manager (I ALWAYS) Keep this product up to date and Storybook, I need to do a post about these products.


I feel the need to express, why I stated above “I grew out of that”.   I don’t want anyone to take that negatively.  For me, and we are all different, I loved to alter things, and do things outside of scrapbooking, card making.  In fact, I am really not a scrap booker at all.  I have never even finished one paper scrapbook in all these years.  So you see, I started there and found my path to my journey in crafting.  After doing the PC Crafter’s site, and you need to know that for a living, I do Systems support for a large business  (hold boring certifications for engineering kinds of stuff)  or as my friends say “I am a computer geek”, I found that hen I do scrapbook, I do it digitally.   Now were talken baby!

So back to Amazing Paper Grace!  I have been admiring her work for quite some time.  I subscribe to her Becca Bits, which she offers free.  Love Love Love her faith in God, personality, teaching talent.  Her training is simply the best.  So when she offered a club I joined.  I am in receipt of my first and her first kit.  if you don’t do anything else, you must research her page….if you like her style, you must see these kits for your self!  The quality and directions are just like she has always been, superior!  Oh my gosh….As I posted her link I seen that she has posted her second kit….got to go!!!!  This post is OVER!

Oh! One more thing and I really have to go read the new October Kit…I have created a FaceBook Group, for the purpose of discussing all the neat things we can do with Graces new kit…come join me!  This group is new, and I know it will grow…let me know how you are using your kit to make different things!!!!  Let’s learn together!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grocery Bag Dispenser

I save bags…that were getting out of control.  Having OCD, this became a problem.

What you need:

Baby wipe type of container.  I am using a Lysol wipe container.
Plastic Grocery Bags, about 30 or so will fit into the Lysol wipes container.

1 Cleaning the Lysol Container.  You can use 100% acetone, or a product like goo gone.  I really don’t see a difference, other than acetone is MUCH cheaper.  
2 Follow the photos above and when finished put a rubber band around the bags to hold them, until you need to fill up one of your decorated wipe containers.  
3 Decorate your container!