Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Swatch your Distress Stains!


I can go forever without blogging.  This is my second day home, sick with goodness knows what, son and hubby came down with it today, I refuse to say it’s the flu.  Don’t laugh, over this blog. 

It’s so funny to me, what I see on the internet, and decided I HAVE TO DO THAT…how about you?.

I was visiting RosA from Paperchase, and spotted her distress stain bottle. and decided I had to do that!

I2 of these came in a few weeks ago (got a deal on a package).  I am so loving the distress stains in a bottle, except, when grabbing for a color, I have to try several…trying to find the right color….

Anyway back to RosA.  I visited her site, and low and behold, right there in front of my eyes was her bottle with a color swatch on top!  I knew mine did not have that…..so, I wrote her, and she took the time to write back and let me know (humbly) that this was her brilliant idea!

Well, I thought her idea was just the best thing I had seen all week!  So, notice, I am still working on those dern pins, which have a deadline…..off to another project I went…

yes….I have been told I am a butterfly, by sweet people and at work, I have been called Dory…….

But, it took me about 15 minutes to accomplish this. 

  • I grabbed my 3/4 circle punch and punched some circles from some white card stock that was already laying on the table (hey, lets not get out a new sheet of paper, right?  I am also called a piffer, although I have never seen a definition for that word….I was told it was someone who always used scraps…)
  • Ran 12 circles through the Xyron sticker maker
  • Stuck them on top of the bottles and colored them in


of course, it took me longer than that to blog it…  Hope this helps you, if so, can you comment?  it lets me know, you read this….I truly appreciate any comment you leave.

Any idea, that organizes me, makes my day, Thanks RosA!

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