Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crafting vs Football

HA, that's a no brainier for me!

I made sure lots of snacks were at arms reach, including my hubbies favorites, Deviled eggs and 7 layer dip and off I went to the craft room!

I finally finished all three gifts! Whooohooo! This has been a on-going for the last few posts, so if you want to know what's in the box, you will have to read the past two or three blogs.

This was my first bag topper, I really like how it turned out. I was a bit creative with the bow on the top. You can't see it, but the flower is an alternating mixture of the beige and blue ribbon. Well heck, I will run back and try and get a better photo of it. I took all my ribbon scraps I had left over from the three projects and threaded them on a needle, then hit it with my hot air gun. I glued a "diamond" down in the center of the Flower.


It looks like the football game is over, perfect timing! I am being told the Raven's and the 49er's are going to play in the 2013 Superbowl. Love it when football is on....I get uninterrupted craft time!
Oh, one more thing, that dear sweet husband of mine, made me another shelf!

I am loving this! No rod to take the ribbon off off. The following photo is the other shelf he made me for my wrapping paper. I had the bright idea to have him make it longer than the rolls so I could also use it for ribbon. Not one of my better ideas...


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Tamika said...

I try and hold out and support as long as I can. That mostly includes time it takes to make dinner and we eat in front of TV and I pretend I am watching then run off to my craft room!!!