Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Tip of the Week - Thursday's!

Each week, I find that I learn something new.  I am guessing that you also learn something new.

Some new way to do something easier, or a new way to organize…something.  We learn these things from Pinterest, YouTube, web-browsing, word-of-mouth and sometimes by accident!

Each Thursday, I am going to post what I learned…Join me and post what you learned!

My Tip of the week!

I keep a water bottle real close, so I can spray my craft mat, or my hands when using my inks.  I found another cleaner, that is awesome!  It works on everything else that is not water based, and it’s easy n the pocketbook!  Plain ol rubbing Alcohol!  I love this in a wipe for my studio!


Ok!  It’s your turn, just put your tip in the comment below! 


Kyla said...

Hi, yep rubbing alcohol is a boom (but be a little careful if leaving them on rubber stamps as it MAY eventually eat into the rubber, hence I use very cheap alcohol free baby wipes for these).

Pinterest is full of great ideas-I am a total addict.
Happy WOYWW (and thanks for visiting my desk already)

Carole said...

Thanks for the tip....I like it ...I think I'll make my own wipes by using paper towels and rubbing alcohol in a recycled plastic container.

I like using small pieces of foam core that I run through the Xyron and press through the cutttlebug to squoosh it a bit...then use it for dimensionals. Be well Carole # 72