Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ribbon Lattice Work


Well, I gave up, trying to weave my new spellbinders die, Lattice Rectangles, S4-319, however, I did locate the die used in the project on ebay.  As you know from previous posts, the die used in the project is discontinued.

My inspiration came from two sources. 

Amazing Paper Grace
Tara’s Craft Studio

On Amazing Paper Grace, you will find a video.  It is just awesome to watch, she also has a weaving guide.  I had a hard time understanding the weaving guide, so I recreated another that makes since to me.

You will need 2 yards of ribbon for each panel.  If you are going to put the weave on all 4 sides of the box, you will need 8 yards of ribbon.  I have color coded my notes for you.  The blue notes use your first yard of ribbon.  Thread your ribbon up through the first hole and tape down your tail. Notice I say up and down.  That means, thread your ribbon up through the hole or down through the hole.  Also note I say OOUUOO as an example.  That means on your way over to the next hole, cross over, over, under, under, over, over any ribbon on the way Smile

Lattice weaving guide

Please please, leave a comment if you give this a shot, I would love to know, if I made the weaving process simpler.  Please check out Amazing Paper Graces tutorial, Grace’s may be MUCH simpler than mine….we are all different and seem to learn, very differently from one to another.

I own a pazzles, but I am not so good at creating with it.  Hopefully, someone will recreate this die, so that those of us with machines can try this out as purchasing the die is a problem.  Here is a scan of the die, in the event you happen to be able to recreate this as a wpc file.


Bella said...

Thanks for the visit to my desk. The roses on my desk were made by enlarging the punched strip and cut on my ecraft cutter. here is the link to my blog where I did a photo step out of the punched version. To make the large ones I stick 3 of the machine cut strips together to get the volume, hence 2 and a half sheets of paper... I will do a step out of the large ones on my blog soon.

Maisie Moonshine said...

Wow Robin - love the results of your weaving - but it looks mighty complicated! MMx

Anonymous said...

Love the result of your weaving and thank you for the tutorial!

Have a great day!

Karen Spriggs said...


I had seen another design like this while doing a google search and wanted to try it, couldn't find it again, but found your tutorial instead. I have the lattice rectangle die set and I"m happy to report this can be done with that die cut. I don't have a good camera with me unfortunately (stuck in a blizzard), but using the corner ovals of the lattice rectangle, you should have 8 slots on top & bottom and then 8 along each sides (counting the rest). I used just your photo and made my own pattern and it works just fine. Finding the Spellbinders Lattice Rectangle set would be much easier for most, so you can still do a beautiful lattice with this. For my pattern I used A & B for the 2 color of ribbon and then put the steps in order (A1, A2, etc.). I will post a photo as soon as I am able.