Thursday, October 10, 2013

Creative Chemistry 102–Day 2


I had skipped Day 2, because I did not own any stencils…still waiting for them to come in.  Found a You Tube - Make your own stencils from Rubbish!  So, I made my own!  Then I tried my old brass stencils and they also worked!

Mixed-Media Layering:  Using homemade Stencils and brass.  Can’t wait for my TH Stencils to come in!


Embossing with Stencils:  I would have never even thought of embossing with my stencils!


Embossing through Stencils: My homemade Stencils did not work well for this technique.


Stencil Stamping: Ah, this was so fun to stamp inside the stencil.IMG_1510

Stencil Sketching:  What a goof I did.  First, I messed up trying to sketch in with a gold pin, it just ran, so I scribbled over it, then stamped and my image would not stamp over the gold ink.  Well..looks like I need some distress markers. I tried sketching in with glitter pins and loved that look, the photo did not pick up the sparkle.  Can’t wait to do this again.


Ink Monoprint:  This was a brass plate.


Paint Monoprint:  As you can see, my homemade stencils did not do so well on this one.  It was to flimsy.


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