Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stand UP and SHOW yourself!

Stickle, Viva Pearl Pen, bottle -  Organization


I seem to use my products, when I can see them.  If they are in a drawer….for me, it’s like out of sight, out of mind…must be my age…

Today, I was working with my Viva Pearl Pens and went to put them back in the drawer…and a light went off…I wondered, would the magnets hold that big pen…

Yes!  SCORE!

I found this idea on Pinterest, but changed it up a bit.  They took a cookie sheet and store the pens upside down.  Well…for me, I tried that, and could not see my colors…so I thought, how about a vertical mount…

As you can see in the side view photo above, you can easily see your colors!  The photo below, is a shot from right in front, and again, I can see my colors!  Whoopee, from two angles, I can easily see what colors I have.


So easy to do thisl  First find something that is metal, like a old cookie sheet or use a magnetic board.

Hot glue a magnet to the bottom.

Stick it on your board!  DONE!!!!!


Boy am I messy!  I found it took the larger magnetics to hold my bottles in this position.  When I empty a bottle, the magnetics pop off, so you can glue it to it’s replacement.  Easy Peasy!

This is how I use to store my bottles:

Velcro’ed to the bottom of my shelf…problem is they fell off from time to time…grrrrrrrr.  I did try the magnet underneath, but I could not see anything but the front row…grrrrrrrr

I spend more time organizing than I do, using this marvelous stuff!


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