Thursday, August 7, 2014

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 270


I have been working on organizing my scraps AGAIN!  I think this might be a winner for me.  I have collected scraps for 11 years and they are WAY out of control.  Notice I said THEY are out of control, NOT ME. 

In the box to the left are my solid color scraps I have cut up into sizes.  This includes my card bases.  The patterned paper will basically be cut into card base size.  So, this should make my life easier, I am thinking…If the solid paper is not 3 inches….I will be tossing it…and if the patterned paper is not  4 1/4 X 5…not so sure I will be tossing that yet.

As I use this system, I will let you know if it works for me or not…

Now for some fun.  I am writing this on Thursday, because….I had preordered a new Pazzles Vue and it arrived!  Yippie Skippy!  It’s actually Thursday, because I stayed up late going through my book and trying to import a digi for the Cut and Print feature. 


Now trying to find a simple digi to work with . . . Cute Cow!


It was late…I missed some of his foot, poor Daisy the cow.  Ok, now to quickly color Miss Daisy after midnight…


lNo fussy cutting.  This was my first attempt, and I had moved my outline prior to cutting.  Had it not been so late, I would have fixed it.  Tasks for today:

Making the “white” not show up by doing an inline cut.


I am really impressed with the cut and print feature, after doing this quickie.

Have a wonderful week my friends!  If you are wondering what WOYWW is, hop on over to the Stamping Ground to peek at craft desks all over the world.


Krisha said...

Scraps, scraps, scraps.......I'm always going through them too. I do keep a slightly smaller size of the colors I use the MOST.....usually white....grin. I have tried cutting them to size and sorting the solids from the prints. I have found that the size I SHOULD have cut to is about a 5" x7" so they would also fit on tags, oh well live and learn. I'm interested in knowing how this is working for you.

Love the cow. I've not heard of the Pazzles Vue, is like the Cricut.? My CC is old and doesn't have the intranet feature on it.

Have a great week. I'm still trying to make a few more desks before totally giving up...grin
Krisha 63

Hammers said...

Hey Robin, thanks for the visit. I absolutely love your scraps idea..I think I might have to sort mine this way, they are getting seriously out of hand! I have a Silhouette Portrait that does the same thing and I use it a lot. Cx #64

Katie D said...

I need to get in there an organize my crafty papers too! Eep! i just can seem to let go of even the smallest scraps! Have fun with it!

Katie (67)

Robin Spitzer said...

Yes and no. It is an electronic die cut machine, but with many more features. I love it, because the training is so good and you don't have to buy anything. Anything you can get on your computer pretty much will cut. It's a great machine, I have had the cricut, expressions and this is my second machine. We will see how the scraps go...I think it's going to work, but you know how that goes!

Robin Spitzer said...

This is where I got the idea.

April Story said...

I have been sorting my solid scraps by color - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and neutral. I have a cart that has multiple drawers. I like your idea for sorting patterned paper, too. I can't wait to hear how it works out. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.
April #54

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love that little cow you made. You've also motivated me to organize my scraps, which are getting out of control too. Blessings!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Well Robin that new toy is super kool!! Love it cute cow... great idea on snippets. . They do rather take over.. happy reorganising. Shaz in Oz x#9

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That looks like quite the fancy machine. That cow is very cute and I love the colors you chose for her. I think scrap organization never ends. I have a friend who loves to do punch art and she loves it when I give her all the small scraps, so I save them up for her. I enjoyed stopping at your desk and seeing your new toy. Thanks for visiting me early and definitely hooray for Icy Hot! Judy #70

okienurse said...

WOW awesome new toy. I wish I could afford a new one too but I have bought a new machine just about every year for the past 5. Now own Big Shot, Cricuit, Big Shot Pro (handles 12" dies), Vagabond, and various types of punches (hundred or so) I may have to turn in a couple to look into this super cool machine! Thanks for visiting my blog last week. Just now home and getting around to responding to folks. Have a great week. VIckie #75