Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pazzles–How I am using the Samantha font!

I have NEVER bought a font!  EVER and I use to do desk top publishing years ago.  I fell in love with this font and just had to have it.

I purchased it here (click on the word here) for next to nothing.  Well to my surprise, I could not access the pretty swirls!  Which I knew from reading the site prior to buying.  But, I knew how to use Character Map in Windows….

Well if you ever used Character Map, you will know, its so small, it is just impossible for a old lady like me to design with….

That idea went out the window and now, I had bought the font…..Well, I was going to figure out a way to use this pretty font, come &*(*& or high water.

So, they mentioned using AI (Adobe Illustrator) so off I went to download a trial version that lasted about 15 days or so.

Dear me, did I mention I was older than dirt, and spend a lifetime in IT, retired and swore the only software I was willing to learn was the software for my Pazzles Machine….

It was TO HARD for me and I was unwilling to learn….

So, then I decided to buy the software they mentioned called PopChar by  Ergonis found here.  I use windows so I purchased PopChar Win for 29.99.

It’s been well worth it to me, for the 18 or so dollars for the font and 30 for PopChar to use this beautiful font.

Here are some samples of the the beautiful things you can create with software such as PopChar that allows you to utilize all the extras!





Oh and look at these!


If you would like to see this font in action, I have made a short video found here.

I wanted you to see how beautiful it is….




Now that is beautiful, but look at this


I did that in about a minute….In the video I will show you how easy this is to access the Glyphs for this beautiful font.  The video can be found here

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