Saturday, April 14, 2012

Family Traits


99% of all the reasons, why I craft, are to give to others. I truly enjoy sharing; I believe I inherited that trait from my dear mother, who has since passed. I use to shudder when she would come over, after she visited a yard sell.....yep, all her treasures she found, now belonged to my house, and they had better be there the next time she visited. Well, I can truly tell you, I would give anything, to have her drive up with a truck load! I would make or find a place to put her treasures, with a smile on my face...Lesson taught to me:

1. God is not done with me yet, thank goodness

2. Enjoy and treasure loved ones, each and every day, including the times, you don't particularly like.

I visited Sarah’s Ink Spot and found a project she did along with a wonderful Recipe (Recipe…you are right, step by step directions how to do the project!!!)  For the long nugget box above.  If you also are a copycat, like me, by all means visit Sarah!  I have truly enjoyed her blog!


My sister, Sandy, recently started doing paper crafts….well, she has always done crafts as long as I can remember, but recently we started sharing a common interest, the Pazzles!. She commented to me, along with another dear friend Barbara, “you are always making something”.

Ok, now the truth, from my eyes…

I spend hours and hours on You Tube, and visiting Blogs, and searching the internet….Google, is my best friend….when I consider how much I read…how much I “research”, and how much I buy….:(…and what I complete, I am embarrassed.  I think, I can truly say “my craft is the internet” rather than I paper craft….hummm.
I also get overwhelmed with organization....This week, I looked and looked for affordable chalkboard vinyl without sucuss.  So I took a shot with some old vinyl scraps I had and my trusty hand punch, it worked!  well, my dry erase pins and my copics, not so much, so off to michaels I went with my 50% coupon in my hand.  I found chalk ink markers!    These pens go on like a nice marker and come off like chalk!!!

This is my first blog, and hopefully not my last one…I always post my photos on Facebook on the Addicted to Crafting page. 

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Catherine said...

Great job, I am proud of you. Thanks for the heads up on the chalk ink pens! I have lots to label !