Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sister's Birthday

Now, I ask, what do you do for your dearest Sister on her birthday?  I am the big sister and Sandy is the little sister….(LOL, this is true with our physical sizes also, but that is another story)  Well, It’s gotta be special, dang it.   Because she deserves it!  I truly Love my little sister.

So here I sit, paid a nickel and only …..woops, at my age, my mind wanders…

Back to my sister….and what to do…
This week, I found the organza flower stick pin tutorial  by Yoli Bean.  Of course, I am now following Yoli on YouTube and her blog.  Well, you have figured it out, I have to come up with something using this new idea I have learned from Yoli!
Making this organza flower was so easy, I was truly surprised how quick it went, and how happy I was with the results.  Well I am a piffer (remember) so, when I was done, I had all this organza in a cut up mess….I just could not throw it away, so I randomly cut it up and made another flower.
While I love both flowers, I love the random cut flower more, and guess what gals!  It’s faster, because I don’t have to get out my die cut machine….just snip snip snip….I am all for easy and fast!
Oh back to the gift for my sister problem.  Well now I know, I must use one of these flowers!
Notice how, she is behind me....pushing....and pinching you did not see that....

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