Thursday, December 6, 2012

WOYWW - 183

Well, it’s Thursday again…I think that my goal is to be the last one on Julia’s list!  HA.  I can’t seem to get it together for Wednesday, however…my desk is exactly the same today as yesterday with the exception of moving the plate from one desk to another.  If you are wondering what I am talking about, each week on Wednesdays (others) post photo’s of exactly what is on there desks.  It’s quite interesting to snoop around the world!  Come and Join us!
You can see my last years Christmas Cards on the left…yep, considering mailing these out AGAIN this year…what’s the odds that folks will remember them?
My new mat came in for my glue gun…I am especially looking forward to using the finger guards…cause I always burn mine!  I will let you know how these tools work out.
Ha, you can see my fitbit charging device.  I wear this every day…I was only taking 300 steps a day now I am up to 3000 without trying and usually get 5000 and once in a while hit my goal of 10,000.
As you can see I am working on a project.  It’s being glued right now, I should be able to turn it over tonight.  Can’t wait….Christmas Present in the making!  Can you guess what it is?  Christmas present in the background waiting to be wrapped…oh my what a busy time of the year.  Last night about one hour after I got home the door bell rang…you guessed it, it was my hiney catching up with me..  I am going to practice KISS today….”keep it simple, sweetie!” and sign off keeping the spirit of WOYWW!


505whimsygirl said...

Hi Robin,

I always burn myself when using my glue gun too. I can't do anything in gloves, though, so probably the finger guards wouldn't work for me but I'd love to hear how you like them.

Do you have new people on your Christmas card list? Maybe you can send those people the cards from last year?

Kay #100

Gita said...

Hmm. Interesting to see what you have going on there for a Christmas present. A plate with copper tube of some sort...Hmm. :-) Brigita #98

Queen Lightwell said...

I burn myself sometimes when making hairbows so I would be interested to hear how the finger guards work out for you. I never would have thought of a mat though! I keep mine in a small shallow ceramic dish so all the little drips stay contained and if I knock it over nothing gets burnt by it, including me! :) That fitbit thing sounds interesting...I used to have a Philips life something or other but once the service expired it wouldn't update and now I can't figure out how to get service again! You would think they would make it easy, since I was going to pay them after all, but no! lol Anyways, I was trying so hard for last place this week, but you beat me! lol :) And I was sure I had a lock on it too! lol
Thanks for sharing your desk, Deeyll #122

Robin Spitzer said...

Hi there!

Well you beat me this week! Before I realize it it, it's Thursday! Friday, shoot its now Sunday, to late to post! This week I will try and be better!

I am loving that mat! I put my 20 year old glue gun in a Marie Calendar pie pan...until now. I just pit my glue gun down on the mat, I like that, takes up less space on my already crowded desk. I even squirt some glue out on the mat, and used the tool to put a little bit in one spot...that worked so easily. The pencil tool was awesome to press the glue into the object, loved that. I did not have to use the finger guards yet. I was making a one inch rosette...the tools enabled me to do so without burning myself. So far so good, I would recommend it at this point. I will let you know about the finger guards when I use them.. I have put them on, they give you three of them, In diffrent sizes.

I love my fitbit, I wear it everyday. I at least take 3000 steps a day, right now...a good change from less than 1,000. My goal is to get to 10,000. I have a ways to go.

Robin Spitzer said...

woops, I forgot to get back to you, to let you know what that plate is.... It's a bird feeder. The copper tube screws on underneath, and goes into your garden. You can fill the "cup" with seed, or water. Or fill the cup with water and put seed on the plate.....