Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WOYWW - 187




Oh my gosh, I need prayers for my IPAD.  Notice how close that glue gun and all the other tools are to my IPAD. 

I have missed several weeks of WOYWW.  In the event, you don’t know what this means….head over to The Stamping Ground, and you will be able to visit craft desks from all over the world!  (WOYWW = What’s on your Workdesk – Wednesdays)

I am keeping this short this week, as I have some projects on my desk, and need to move my IPAD to a safer place!  Sand just a bit more, and get to work on time Smile.

Here are my completed projects for the past week.


Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hey there, Robin! Happy New year to you :)
Thanks for dropping by, I've just read yours and had the vapours at how close your iPad is to disaster! I had one for Christmas and its still very precious to me!! Lol, I really have to get over that!
hugs, LLJ 31 xx

Eliza said...


Thanks for visiting me, yes that is a stand by Logitech for my iPad it is great it charges and has speakers in it to play music and videos etc DH AND DD purchased it for me. I do tutorials from cloth paper sissors on it and scroll down the pages and it is far enough away from my tools so it doesn't get damaged I had to get a special connector as I have the latest iPad but all runs efficiently. Check them out well worth the money

My iPad is like gold to me and it has a priority care factor, so I make sure it can't be harmed

Happy new year


Robin Spitzer said...

Thanks Eliza! Do you by chance have the name to your stand, or the part number? I can't seem to find it (a hyperlink would be awesome).

Thank you for your time.

Hugs, Robin

-- said...

Hey Robin! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I use the foldable front of my iPad case as a stand, it works quite well. =) Good luck with the hunt for a stand! /Zildara #102

Julia Dunnit said...

Well you've seen my iPad deck chair so you know that I work with it amongst all my stuff, just as you's relatively resilient, but I guess the heat from the glue gun might be pushing your luck!!

April Story said...

You could do some serious dental work with those tools on your desk. LOL I hope the Ipad has 'cooled' down. April #133