Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rowdy Ribbons


Often, I just seem to have every color of ribbon BUT the one I need! 

Seam Binding

The only place I have found seam binding in many colors and for a good prices is on Amazon.  It’s about  .10 a yard!  I buy a cream color and a white. 

I have taken my reinkers and added a few drops into a zip lock baggie with just a bit of water and then tossed in 5 yards of seam binding.  After I have the color I am after I drain out all the water, and pat it “dry” with paper towels.  You can iron the ribbon flat again if you choose.  You can also use tea and coffee to stain the seam binding…

Ribbon Holder

You know how you buy things and they sandwich it between acrylic sheets…..horrible to open up!  I have bad hands due to an accident, and can hardly open these suckers ups. One of my favorite Christmas gifts….my husband received that I inherited are electric scissors.  They are great for opening up merchandise.

As you can see, I have cut a square, whole punched it, and used my trusty word window punch from Stampin Up.  Ran a ring through the punch and hung up with the rest of the ribbon!

Seam Binding Hung Up

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SandyKay said...

I really need to try this...thanks for such a great idea! I love that you can make them yourself...:)