Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW -177 (What’s on your Work desk–Wednesday)


Julia, from Stamping-Ground, started What’s on your Work Desk.  She started posting “What's on your work desk, on Wednesday’s  What a terrific idea.

I have been a voyeur long enough! 

Each Wednesday….I would peek into other’s craft rooms.  I have learned so much!  Like, I am normal, there desk looks just like mine…stuff everywhere!

Make sure you visit the Stamping-Ground, so that you can see how others stamp, craft and find out how normal you really are!

What a mess!  Just finished my first project from Amazing Paper Grace September Kit.  Now that I am looking at this photo.  I started this project as soon as I received it, sat it down, along with several other projects.  This week, my goal is to finish what I have started.   I am off to a good start with this lovely book.  I can see, I will be making this book again.  I love the binding technique and the little book that is housed inside.  Great techniques.  I blogged earlier about joining one subscription a year, and this year I chose Grace’s new kits.  I love her feminine style in her cards and projects.
My dear hubby made the bow maker for me…with my hands, I think it’s the only way I can tie a bow!
See my new pails!  I love them for garbage and clearing my table of stuff I am using for the current project.
This was the first time I used a pearl transfer.  Although beautiful, I think I will stick to creating my own embellishments, due to the cost…but how pretty is that!  I love the handles to the book and how this book was bound.  To cute to add a wooden button to a flower!
APG 09_12 Cover
This was my first time working with glassine. It was just perfect for the postage stamps, and went beautifully with the paper bag material.
APG 09_12 Pg 1_2
Can you see the cute tags sticking out of the top of the pages?  Each page has a slot in the top for a tag.  Love the vellum covering the windows.  Since the glassine frame covered up the glue spots!
APG 09_12 Pg 3_4
APG 09_12 Pg 5_6
This was my favorite page…I love the insert on the right hand side.  This was a little book, inside the book.  It was so simple to make,  It was four pieces of paper, cut to 8 1/8  X 5.5, and scored 4” from each side.  Then you pierce a hole through all four sheets one inch from the top and one inch from the bottom in the and run a brad through the holes.  To simple!
APG 09_12 Pg 5_insert
The Spellbinders dies, rubber stamps, ribbon, paper, brads, flowers…everything comes with the kit.  I have plans for these dies and stamps!  Great addition to my stash.
APG 09_12 Pg 9_10
God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December.  Makes me smile Smile
APG 09_12 Pg 11_12
I just had to stamp the back of the book…
APG 09_12 back of book
One Christmas gift down….
The other project was a card!  Now, let me ask you this…how is this going to fit in an envelope?  This was fun and quick to make.  I sure love the die cuts and the stamps!
APG 9_12 FrontCard

APG 9_12 InsideCard
I promised myself I would not get behind on these projects!  It’s the third week in October and just finished the first Month.  I'm gonna stop procrastinating one of these days.  Tomorrow, I will start Octobers Package!


MiniOwner said...

Wow! I'm glad I visited your desk - such beautiful crafting to behold! Happy Wednesday. :o)
Sue x (MiniOwner @ 89)

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

oh my - is that beautiful or what! I love glassine, too - should pull it out!

Minxy said...

Your bag book is totally amazing, love all the have a cool looking desk too.
{you commented on my blog about not knowing what to do with regards to the big shot coz you love your thin dies, but you can use those/ in fact most dies you just need the right adapter plates, I cut nesties just fine.. hope that helps.
Happy Wednesday
Hugz Minxy #7

SandyKay said...

Lovely project! Love the room you have to spread out and do so much! It's great to be able to have so much going on...:))

Robin Spitzer said...

Can you emboss in the sizzix? I am thinking I would miss the size of my Grand Calibur, but worried that the big shot pro is over kill...what do you think?

belldoubleyou said...

Oh man, I love that "I made this stamp" -- it's very much how I feel when I show things to people.

I really like the angle of your photograph, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful project Robin, but first, welcome to WOYWW, I think you'll fit in very well!! That's really not a messy desk you know, a creative one maybe, but not messy! I take it you like my craft mat, lol!! But I'm going to have to disappoint you as I have no idea where to buy it from. My FIL gave it to me a few years ago when he was downsizing somewhat, he was a retired architect and did some work from home, so it came form those days. Plus we're English and he would have bought it somewhere local to him no doubt. It is a great size though.

Brenda 3

Caz said...

Love your crafting space. Great book project and love your card - envelope with a gusset needed for this one I guess or a box?!?!?

Buttons said...

What a beautiful Christmas gift. Love your desk too, from the green bucket and the fab pen storage rack to the genius bow maker. Your hubby is so clever. Happy WOYWW, hugs Buttons #6

Lisa said...

The mini album is absolutely gorgeous. And I love the stamp on the back, it made me laugh. LisaDV #164

Daniella said...

i love your project!! It is darling! Really well done!!
As for the Alcohol Ink Pens, like I said on my blog, my blog pal Eliza turned me on to them. She sent me a link to a Tim Holtz Video on Youtube showing how to use them. I have 1 and I need like 50 more!! LOL!!
Here is the link. It won't be a link here, but you can copy and paste it in your browser and you can see it! It is awesome!!

Paula Gale said...

Hi Robin

thank you for visiting my desk today. You noticed the pile of coloured papers on top of my printer. They're just bits that I pick up while i'm at the warehouse where I can fill a box for £5. I'm in the UK and a well known crafting company who produce crafting CD's called 'My Craft Studio' are situated just down the road from me. The small pile you see on my printer is just a selection of what I put in my £5 box when I pop down - which quite is often because if I drop on lucky, i'm able to pick up printed cardstock from their paperkits too. The other stuff I can put in my box as well, is printeable and project acetate, vellum, regular cardstock, templates, die cut cards, decoupage etc etc. what is piled up there is only a small fraction of what I have got. You asked if they sold paper on-line. They do - but you would get a much better deal local to you. Paper is only a small part of what they do - they're not like a paper mill or anything. It's called a warehouse because we get access to where they store things for their on-line orders. It's like an industrial unit.

I love the kit you have from Amazing Paper Grace - the kits look of good quality and look like you get your money's worth. I love Becca's style and wish I had the talent she has. It's about time she was recognised enough to do something like this - she clearly knows what she's doing and has a natural eye for design. I've followed her blog for almost 3 years and am always delighted with anything she posts... You've done a great job of the mini album - and like you say, it will make a fabulous gift for someone.

Your desk looks just like most of the other desks on the blog hop that we do... mine is relatively tidy this week compared to other weeks.

Thanks for popping over - and sorry for the length of my comment - usually the length of most people's blog posts... no wonder it takes me ages to get round! lol...

Paula (#21) x x x

scrappymo! said...

What a wonderful mini book. Love the theme, love the pages, love the of all I love the wee stamp at the end...

Nan G said...

What an absolutely adorable mini album! Love the stamp on the back! Thanks for visiting me. Nan 27

JoZart said...

Hi Robin
Thanks for popping over to my blog and for your lovely comment. I always taking some crafting wherever I go and it's good so something produced from time that would otherwise be wasted.
Great that you've joined in with WOYWW and there's so much interesting stuff to spy on your desk. The project is superb and definitely a keeper! Now you are just going to have to make a box for that special card!! Hope to see you again soon,
Jo x

butterfly said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks so much for your visit... Love your bag/album - it's a great idea, and beautifully done... love the images and papers you've used throughout. Great project!

As to the tea/coffee dying - I didn't actually leave the ribbons in that long, maybe between 10 mins and half an hour, depending on when I remembered to do it! The tags I left in longer, half a day or so. Not that wild about the tags: Lynne at Adorn, who I linked to in the post, does amazing tea/coffee tags, worth checking out!

I used - coffee, just ordinary instant granules, quite strong - teaspoon and a half in a half-full mug (the creamy coloured ribbons)
regular English tea - one bag in half a mug (the darkest tan of my ribbons)
Rooibos (slightly yellower tan colour)
Winter fruit tea (forget the precise ingredients, sorry - it was just what was in the cupboard!) one bag in half a mug - the gentle pinks.

Hope that helps, but it really is just experimenting and finding out what pleases you!
Alison x

Spyder said...

Amazing I love every single one!! Have a fabulous crafty week! Thank you for my snoop! HaPpY Late WOYwW!
((Lyn)) #25

MaggieC said...

Welcome to the crazy world that is WOYWW. Glad you decided to join in this time instead of just watching, and thank you for visiting me today. You gave us so much to look at and drool over, with such a lot of lovely work. Looking forward to seeing you again next week. enjoy your crafting. xx Maggie #33

Julia Dunnit said...

So glad you've joined us! Welcome to WOYWW, so much better to take part as well as look around! LOVE your kit makings, my word that's a beautiful gift. Haven't used glassine before, very interesting I must say. Love your pretty bins, they really make even the rubbish look appealing!

Deb said...

so glad you took part this week! I totally love your little book it is so unique, fabulous idea and just gorgeous!
to answer your question, I pretty much always choose my papers before colouring an image that way I can try to match up my colours as closely as possible!

Sandi McLean said...

Wow what sweet work! I am going to check out Amazing Paper Grace, kit sounds incredible. Thanks you for coming my way! By the way I have signed on as a's still exciting to get a new one! Sandi #27

Anonymous said...

that is just amazing! Its beautiful, what an inspiration you are

Neil said...

Hi there and welcome to the wonderful wacky world of WOYWW! Your album is lovely with lots of lovely details. Thank you also for popping by my place and for your lovely comment. I glad you decided to stay for a while as a follower. I hope you find inspiration along the way.

okienurse said...

Great looking book you made! I thought about joining the club but decided I had too much on my plate right now and that it would probably just sit till I forgot what it was all about! Did I read in the Quinoa post something about Okies and beans? Do you live in Oklahoma? I looked around the blog and couldn't find where you are. Just curious...not a stalker. I live in Norman, OK! Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog! Have a great week! Vickie #37

Robin Spitzer said...

Thank you for visiting! I know what you are saying about the club...I promised myself I would complete each one before the new one arrived. It's a challenge, each month. :(

I live in Central California (Clovis) but both sides of my family and my husbands family are from Oklahoma. We still call ourselfs Okies...or at least my generation does, I really don't think that our kids and down refer to their selfs that way. Never thought about it until now. I am sure, that's because they did not have there parents and grandparents talk about the dust-bowel and picking there ways to California. I grew up eating what we call Okie food. Beans, potatoes, cornbread, chocolate gravy, fried tomatoes, and okra. I wonder folks who live in Oklahoma still eat that way? I started a new way of life to get healthy, and a side effect is loosing weight. I started blogging about it (have not done that in a while) That blog is here It's a Nutritiarian Diet.
which basically means, you eat only healthy foods (no salt, sugar, oil, processed foods or animal). Learning how to Cook this way, after cooking for over 35 years, the way I mentioned above, has been a challenge. Almost down 40 lbs and off cholesterol, heart medicine...Yeah! Hope you have a great week Vicki, and sorry I did not serve lemon-aid to you while you where here! HA!

Queen Lightwell said...

Hi Robin, you can emboss in the sizzix, as long as you have embossing pads...but you would totally miss the size of your Grand Calibur if you got the Big Shot because it doesn't take the Grand Nesties or any of the Grand dies and only 6 inch wide pieces of paper, which means if you want a die cut from the middle of a 12x12 sheet you have to cut it up, making it less useful for people who scrapbook whole 12x12 generally stinks to have to cut into a sheet to get the die cut you want out of the middle when if you had a bigger machine, like the Grand Caliber of the Big Shot Pro, you wouldn't have to. I have the Big Shot and am thinking of getting a Grand Calibur so that I can put bigger pieces of paper through it and the Grand dies, too. I'm thinking of getting the Grand Calibur because it is a lot more affordable than the Bog Shot Pro...but, as an owner, can you tell me, are you happy with your Grand Calibur?

Queen Lightwell said...

Oh, Robin, that stamp you used on the back of the mini-album is hilarious! I would love to have one of those...any chance you'll share the brand name? :) And that is a lovely mess(and mini-album) you have on your workspace...but do you have to put all that stuff elsewhere when a guest comes for an overnight stay? If so, wow! I left my "suggestions" comment on your Craft room post. Thanks for stopping by my blog already and leaving me such a nice comment, I really appreciated it. :)

KatzElbows said...

Thank you so much for stopping by. We should probably start a group for people who love glass cutting mats!

Your books is fantastic. I'd love the chance to look through it, up close and personal. And the stamp on the back is perfect.

Happy WOYWW,
rachel #47

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Robin, you know I thought that you had been on WOYWW before .. and not just started blogging..ah well memory is tricky but does bless as your stamp points out :D and love your details on your book just gorgeous!
Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #37

Shoshi said...

Gorgeous stuff on your desk, Robin! I love your little book, and the stamp on the back really made me laugh! Love the bow maker your hubby made you. I am sure a wooden one would be better than the plastic one I've got, because the ribbon wouldn't slip so much.

Thanks for your visit and your nice comment about my knitting. I've now started the back, and it's coming on well.

Hope you manage to do your photos OK - it's a long, time consuming process but worth it in the end!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #15

Shoshi said...

Thanks for another nice comment, Robin. Yes, my hubby is a real star when it comes to finding nice presents for me! I love the little book, and it's going to take me years to fill it.


famfa said...

Welcome. Hope to bump into you next week at woyww. That book (bag) is amazing. What clever work. Cards great too
Famfa (10)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for stopping by, Loved my visit, so many pretty things you have photo'd for us. Becca's designs are wonderful, have followed her a long time. Have you seen her round box bow maker? It makes great flower/type bows and very simple too.
The framed chicken wire pin board was a salvage piece from my dad's garage!! He used it for a trelice. Just battered board framed with chicken wire stapled on back. I made several from old picture frames and sold at our "Crafty Affair". Use a clothes pin to attach items.
Enjoy the weekend...I'm running late lots of Birthday/Retirement parties this week.

Franka Benjaminsen said...

This is a wonderful project. A book in a bag or a bag with a book :-) The colours are beautiful and I love all these elements looking like a stamp. Thanks for visiting me and hope you have a crafty week. Bye, Franka

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i so enjoyed my visit and the peek at your wonderful projects! love that stamp a the back, yes, i am excited!

Kim said...

Holy cats you have been busy! I so love that book!! And the card is lovely too, but I agree: How do those get mailed? Thats why I try to keep mine flat and light. Thanks for stopping by, the sympathy card just says With Deepest Sympathy inside. As it was for a show, I figured basic is better. Funny, I have a differenct "God made memories" stamp, and have used that many times for sympathy cards. I even had done a caligraphy piece with that quote long before I was into stamping.
Have a great week.

Bernice said...

Wow - what a beautiful book and your crd looks great as well - you really have been busy!
Bernice #123

Carol Hornby-Clements said...

I love your book. What a great project.
Thanks for visiting.


Becky said...

Your book is beautiful! I know what you mean about those pearl transfers. I've been cutting one apart, using pieces of it for about two years now, I'm a cheapskate. haha!

Neet said...

Just read you live in central CA - I am visiting southern CA again this January. Will give you a wave.
What an amazing book you have made - love all the pages and I do like the stamp on the back. LOL

Some lovely cards too, I see you are a Spellbinders fan (and Amazing Grace - fab stuff she makes) - I demonstrate the Grand Calibur at shows and I love it. One of my best buys.

Thanks for being a follower - have reciprocated today.

Thanks for visiting me - have a lovely weekend.
Hugs, Neet x 43

Eliza said...

What fantastic art you have created, love it. I am so glad I have popped in to see what you have been upto. Thanks for visiting me, pity you didn't stay for a cuppa, next time maybe. Love the book.

Eliza 113

Peggy Cain said...

thanks for stopping by my desk I hopped to yours and I love the bag book! all the different techniques and elements you used awesome Have a great day!

Whimcees said...


You have a very interesting workdesk - so many things to look at! Your project is wonderful - beautifully done! I love the stamp at the back of the book - where did you get it? Wishing you a happy day!


Barbara Diane

Angela Coles said...

absolutely beautiful bag-book.

Auntie Bliss said...

wow, you are quite talented!!! that bag is awesome.
My desk cannot get disorganized...I don't have one :)

Robin Spitzer said...

Hi Barbara! I bought that stamp a long time ago...I really don't remember, on the side of the stamp it says judikins crb&jjw USA 2382D. I found a site but could not find the stamp. I

Clare with paint in her hair said...

Love that little bag book, its so cool!

Carole said...

Wow you could be a spokesperson for Ap Grace.A bit pricey but you get the stamps ribbon paper and dies right? There is a lot of satisfaction in completing a project. We all love the back stamp
Thanks for the visit. Carole 112

My name is Cindy said...

What a wonderful project - caught my eye as soon as I looked at the desk!! Glad to find a kindred spirit (for which read untidy crafter lol). I too have 'dumping pails' for things I am working on but there are now so many ongoing ones they are threateneing to take over the room! LOL, I do more housework in my craft room than anywhere else and it's still never under control. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy #61

Ali H said...

Love your project - looks like you had great fun ! Looking forward to seeing what comes from October !! Thanks for stopping by ! Ali#4

Meihsia Liu said...

Wow.. this is such a fun space with many brilliant projects in it. Love your stunnning creaitons!! :)

Angela Secrest said...

Your workdesk if full of so much creative energy! I love that book (bag)it's awesome. Glad you joined us exhibitionist!

StampinCarol said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shoshi said...

What an absolutely fascinating blog post, Robin! So much to look at and enjoy, from your gorgeous red laptop to your bins, and that stunning, stunning little book... I have got some glassine but haven't got round to using it yet. All the inserts, pockets and tags... Just gorgeous. The album I'm working on about my Dad has taken a back seat recently as I got going on my spoke guards, which are now finished, just in time for the craft show!

Thanks for your lovely comment. As for getting stuck on the floor, well, it wasn't easy to get up, and I decided that working down there was just too painful and not worth it, so I cleared my side table which is just large enough to work on a single spoke guard, and I was able to work in comfort which made it a real pleasure.

As soon as I've finished editing the video, I'll be blogging about the project. I had sooo many great comments from people at the craft show that I lost count! After spending yesterday completely pole-axed on the recliner as a result of the experience I am starting to feel better enough to try and catch up with my blog comments and emails. All my purchases have been dumped by my hubby on my ARTHaven floor and when I feel up to it, that will be the next job!

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #147

SueH said...

Your books is amazing Robin, there’s such a lot of work going into that. Loving the stamp on the back too, it really made me Lol.

Thanks for stopping by this week.

Happy Crafting!
Sue @ 111

Barb King said...

Love all the details that you included in your books. That stamp is great, gave me a good laugh. You will love this WOYWW crowd, it's so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Karen K said...

Hi Robin

First of all what a beautiful book - it is amazing WOW! The stamp on the back says it all, people should get excited and amazed, you have created something truly wonderful and if they don't appreciate it I would snatch it back !

Thanks for stopping by my blog, unfortunately I am a tidy freak and can't bear working in a muddle or in a mess and spend half my life tidying up as I go instead of relaxing back and enjoying it, I suppose it's good all folks are different. I am so lucky with my work room as we have a joinery company so I had all my units purpose made but I would like to have some further workspace.

Yesterday my new iron arrived, the other one we have had since I was first married (although I iron all the bedding, clothes etc on an iron press - best thing ever) which is 24 years this year and thought it was about time I had something a little better. I also have a super dooper ironing board coming to replace the one I have - it was cheap and it feels like it when you work with it. The new one has a great big ironing space, ideal for quilts and adjustable height up to 102cm which will be fabulous, the other is a wee bit short at times.

Thanks for letting me have a peep into your little world.

By the way, your photo of yourself is truly beautiful and so elegant.

k x

Sandie said...

Hi Robin
Thank you for visiting my blog. I love that I managed to cut out from the silhouette machine so quickly for the first time. My friend had a Pazzle, infact, it was a machine I seriously thought about a couple of years ago but bought a Klik-n-Cut instead.
I LOVE your mini book - they are one of my favourite makes. I too have been busy finishing projects that I started. I went to a residential in Jan and managed to complete 4. So satisfying! I have other projects on the go and want to complete these too before I start more. The time is too short for everything we'd love to do!! Lovely to see you here and hope to catch up again sometime.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I LOVE your book. The vintage detailing is amazing. The bow maker looks cool. It's such a blessing to have supportive spouses. Hope you had a marvelous Valentine's day!

505whimsygirl said...

Wow!!! Your paper bag book is way cool! I don't blame you for stamping the back..... I LOVE that stamp! When I try to make bows my fingers feel like sausages. How sweet of your hubby to make a bow maker for you!

Kay #125

Katie said...

I love, love your book with the handles! So cute! Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. My husband and I are really nervous about become foster parents, but we want so much to make a difference for these children. We've been reading books (Love and Logic) and listening to foster podcasts to try to prepare. If you ever have any advice or input to foster parents we'd appreciate it :)


okienurse said...

Awesome looking book and card! I love the way the book is bound too! I think a padded envelope might be the answer for the card to get it there safe and sound. Less the $2 to ship here in the US! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #1

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Wow! I love what you are doing with that book kit. It is such a neat design and you decorated it so well. It is great that you shared every page with us. It is quite the stunning project. I laughed at your "how will this fit into an envelope" card. I say that about a lot of the cards that are out there these days with there bulky flowers, pearls and pins. They sure are nice though. I think they are the kind you either put in a box with a gift when mailing or hand over to someone.

Now can we talk about kits? I have about 30 Club Scrap ones lying around unfinished in my living room. It is one of the biggest craft things that irritate me. I've been trying to finish some off but don't seem to be making a lot of progress with it. I've made a lot more cards out of each box so that is something.

Thanks for the visit! And enjoy your Stampin' Up meetings. They have great products. That's why I don't know what to buy.... I want it all!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wonderful work Robin well done and make my own pearl swirls too by tracing a swirl and laying pearls down slow but cheaper!! Shaz in oz.x #!6

Lisa-Jane said...

What a beautiful book! I love the stamp on the back too, that really made me smile! I hope the lucky recipient appreciates it.