Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cupcake Gift Card Holder

Gift Cards-----just hate them!


I hate Gift Cards! Don’t get me wrong here…I always feel like I did not spend time on the wonderful person who will be celebrating.

It seems so impersonal to me. It the way of the world I guess, instant gratification! I believe that the gift is in the giving, not the receiving. So I ask myself, what the heck do I get out of this gift card! NADA. Just nothing. Zip.

So, I have a beautiful grand niece, whom I dearly love celebrating today! Well, I have no idea what this young lady would love to have at 17…..that’s important to me…to get her something she would love….since I see her rarely, I have no idea. So, to satisfy both needs, here is what I did!

First I made a sticky pad for my notes! ha! off topic, but thought you might like to know how I make these….simple, cut your scrap paper, into squares, use repositionable glue stick at the top of one sheet, then cover, glue top then cover…get the idea! great use for those scraps!



I learned how to make the cupcake gift cards by searching the internet….actually, I traveled to a craft show that was held about 5 hours away from my home. There was only one class, I wanted to take. They wanted 40 dollars for the class….I wanted to spend my 40 on supplies, since I spent my money on gas, just to attend….and pay to get in….then I knew I was probably going to be buying some supplies to take back home. Kinda irritates me to pay for classes, well, back to the story, I found the exact same class, online! don’t you just love the internet! I found this wonderful youtube VISUAL direction by The Stamp Goddess from Fabulously Artsy, Called Hey, Cupcake! and of course…..spent way more than $40.00 on supplies on the craft show haul in fact, the ribbon I use later on I purchased from that craft show.

One of the first things you will do is to cut a 6” circle and a 2” circle out of chipboard. I used cardstock instead of the chipboard.

I used my EK Scissor Circle, which I love, but have ruined two craft mat! two I say…. one a long time ago, and one today…I used my scissor circle on top of it. Don’t do this.


Now to figure out what I can do with non-stick circles, 2 inches and 6 inches…oh boy…

I am not going to recreate her video or directions….hers is simply awesome. I will just tell you my tips along the way. When she tells you to cut 2X12 inch strips and accordion fold them every 1/4 inch…here is what I do. I score them every 1/2 inch, then flip the paper and score in between (notice on the scoreboard, these are all the places the that have a dot, well that’s in-between the 1/2 inch!



If you have a hand problem, like I do, pay someone to accordion fold those for you! ha!

No, I did not pay anyone to do that for me, but boy does that cramp my hands.

Scoring like I do, really helped that pain…and when I could not handle the pain any more, I just put a binder clip on it and drunk another glass of wine…

Notice my handy dandy post-it notes there….I am a keeping notes on what I am doing!

Ah life is good, don’t know if the binder clips or the wine is getting me through this part…



Now, when you are hot gluing….yikes! when I see the word, hot glue, I cringe…because I have burned myself so many times. Well no more! Thanks to Cathie at Hot Glue Gun Helpers on Etsy, no more burns! I use this EACH AND EVERY TIME the old glue gun comes out! if you own a glue gun, you should own this!


When you are gluing the accordion folded paper to your form, I used the rubber bands again….they helped me hold everything in place while I was gluing. Now it's time to fit your gift card inside the ball....


Don’t send hubby for gift card, or you might just have to deal with something you did not plan on…..

I used Melissa Frances Ribbon, two layer ribbon on the bottom (only about 9 inches) and then her Floppy blossom next (10 inches). I used her pleated satin for the icing. I have made this cupcake before, and the dern thing took yards and yards of ribbon. Using Melissa Frances Ribbon, because it is already gathered or pleated or in the blossom shape, it took, hardly any! whoopeeeee! And my hands did not cramp trying to gather up all that ribbon. I simply, physically, could not gather the ribbon. Thank goodness I ran across Melissa Frances Ribbon at the craft show, so I could make my second one without so much hand pain.


no time to buy another craft mat! I just had to be careful of the holes, or I would have painted my new ikea furniture! oh dear. I took a bamboo skewer, wooden ball and some baker’s twine…used liquid glass from Close to My Heart to glue all in place, painted red and sprayed with glitter. This took care of my cherry!

While that is drying…off to make the gift box. just a rough measure I know I need a box 4 X 4.

cupcake measure

Select my paper...EDIT---as the photos show, selected the paper, screwed up, due to different paper, because that was the last of the pretty pink, paper. Add to notes, do not drink wine and create at the same time.


Follow the easy box rules. For the lid, I found a die cut that would fit inside the 4” Square. Once I die cut the "hole" just cover with acetate you have been hoarding. of course that means you will have to remember where you stored the acatate!

I forgot to tell you, I decided that I wanted my lid to only have 1" sides.

According to the "easy box rules" and my memory of 3rd grade math. I know I need a 4" lid, and 1" sides x2. Add 1/8 so it will fit on top of the 4" box...

4+1+1+1/8 = 6 1/8

So I just cut my paper to 6 1/8 square and scored 1 inch on all 4 sides, found a die that would fit in the middle of the 4" square, die cut, clip corners tape and took another sip of wine!





Here is the other cupcake I made! The first one took loads of ribbon, which I had to gather myself….this was very hard for a person that does not have any grip with hands….oh heck, let's be honest here. I don't have much grip on anything!





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Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza said...

This project is so cute and your step-by-step pictures are wonderful! Thanks so much for featuring our Hot Glue Gun Helpers. We really appreciate it and are glad you like them! :) I'll be sharing! Have a super creative day, Cathie Filian

Maria Garzon said...

Very cute

scrappymo! said...

Great, informative post and I had a good chuckle too...You are hilarious in this post!!

Thanks for the link to the hot glue gun stuff...I have burned myself so many times...what a great idea!
Thanks for stopping by my blog...I got those cards finished up that I had started that was a good feeling!