Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WOYWW - 198

Oh my, it's Tuesday night...15 minutes to Wednesday! I ran and took a snapshot of my room and realized I had not done anything since my last, I decided to share a tool I bought sometime ago that I don't use much.

You know....was at a craft show, and I just could not leave without it. When I use it, I love it. yeppeers, it's the Zutter dreamkut. I was making notepads, in fact there one in that basket just to the right of the cutter. Great tool for that job.

I have to tell you something. I posted something on, that was hard to post.

I debated doing this for a long time. I have been struck down with crafters loneliness. I am starving for friends that love to do what I do, and can't seem to find any in my town.

Guess I don't get out much. Lots of folks replied, and I don't feel so different, as it seems others feel the same way. Some really wonderful ideas were suggested.

I am going to give some of them a shot!

This sounds like the first thing I want to try! OOVOO! This works on all sorts of devices and is really simple to figure out. it allows 15 people to use at the same time...that means 15 of us can get together, at the same time and craft together! We will be able to see what each of us is AND craft at the same time!

If you are interested, all you need to do is download rhe program. Then we have to have a way to find each other.

That can be done several ways. Our gmail emails is one way. Once I downloaded the software, I was asked for my gmail account and bingo, one of you were already using it. I am thinking that was because I follow queenlightwells blog. I met her on WOYWW!

Best of all, we don't even have to live in the same country!

Sounds fun to me! What do you think? Looking for OOVOO buddies!

Whoops, I was so excited to tell you all that, I forgot to say, if you suffer from craft loneliness like me....go take a peek at the stamping ground where Julia lives! She started this WOYWW (What's on your work desk - Wednesday). Simply said, crafters from all over the world take photos of their desks on Wednesday and share what they have been up to!


Lynn Holland said...

Hello Robin
Glad you like my apron, thank you.
What does it do that machine thingyamybobs.
We've got a bit of snow falling this morning, hope it doesn't scupper my plans for the day. A bit of dog walking to do now before any crafting.
Have a good day.

Rebecca said...

Gosh, you've really described me in your post, all my "real" as opposed to "virtual" friends are not at all crafty, whilst they love receiving my creations they really don't see why I enjoy doing it. I'd love to have friends to chat with about crafty stuff, that's why blogging is so good. I think your idea sounds really good,

Rebecca x #57

Winnie said...

I saw your post on SCS and popped over. I didn't have time this week to do my desk share, but love your set up! I really create in my room with music and enjoy it. I am not much on get togethers as I find I don't get much stamping done and I get nervous with all the chatter in groups. Weird I guess. I love to share on my blog and get to "know" people and have enjoyed the community. I will have to look into your idea. I am so not computer savvy.. Thank you for the idea and I will check into it..

Julia Dunnit said...

Where in the world are you Robin? I don't want you to be a lonely brave and step out a bit..go take a class or visit a crop, you'll be nothing but welcome - you're a lovely person - and any journey will be worth it for face to face contact, I promise!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Robin
I am sorry to hear that you are craft lonely, if you lived near me I would have loved to craft with you. What you have come upon regarding the video crafting sounds like a good way to go I shall lookWishing you a very Happy WOYWW
Ria #44 back to see how you get on with it

Robin Spitzer said...

Hi Lynn, it cuts paper evenly. The reason why I don't use it often, is that it's good for production work. You can put a 12x12 in it, and it cuts them in thirds. Then if you want you can put thos back in and it will cut those in thirds, and so on and so on....until you end up with a card the size of a business card (off hand Imdont remember the size of that. 2x3 I think)

Or, you can put in a 8.5 paper, and it will cut that in half, and every time you put the results of the previous cut in, it will cut it in half over and over again. Both sizes of paper is supported as each size has their own whole to go in. Professional answer don't you think?

So when I made the note pads and needed the cuts exact, this was the right tool. Others on the Internet recommended that you send the job out to a place like kinkos and have them cut it. at times I am known to make 50 cards at once and a long time ago I had a crafting buddy who also made about 100 cards. That's 150! So we would just pull that out and be done in no time making our card bases and mats, etc. it's NOT electrical, and it's self sharpening....hope this answers your question!

Robin Spitzer said...

You put it perfectly. Our personalities must need human buddies. It would just be nice once in a while to use my vocal cords instead of my fingers! I hope to meet you on OOVOO! I am going to look for someone online tonight around 6:00 Pacific Standard Time.

Robin Spitzer said...

hi Winnie! The few times I have done this with FaceTime, I have loved it. When I first started I went to lots of stamping up and close to my heart classes. for me and my personality, I was always stressed to keep up for fear I would miss something. My Aunt, 300 miles away, Sister 30 miles away and friend 5 miles away did this a few Times on our IPADS with each other and in a group with all of us with web ex (OOZO looks much easier....for most folks... I have been in IT for more years than I want to tell you about and most of those years teaching adults how to use a computer).

The one on one times, I accomplished lodes of did not seem to affect my productivity, however the times several of us was crafting together, it seemed like I got less done, as I spent more time looking at the others projects or techniques...both types I enjoyed. In elementary school, I had a teacher who called me Larry the lip for talking to much...guess I did not change and need the human touch once in a while!

Robin Spitzer said...

Hi Julia! I live in Central California, USA. Pretty big town near a million....but, believe it or not, no scrapbook shops! I think I am going to get some classes going in our senior center..That appeals to me! Never did anything like that, but I bet I could find advise online somewhere...

Thank you for your WOYWW blog. It has inspired me to write in my own blog if only for Wednesdays....because of stumbling onto your site, I have met quite a few virtual crafters...I am sure over 100! After a bit of time, you really feel as thought you know one another!

Robin Spitzer said...

Morning Ria! I am going to give it a shot at 6:00 Pm Pacific Standard Time, tonight!

Eliza said...

Hi Robyn what a great idea to link together like that, I hope it works out for you. I am not that reliable due to work comittments and working night time. Maybe later in the year when things settle for me I will give it a go of course there is the time zone change too.

Eliza 24

Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Robin your OOVOO plan sounds like fun and I hope it helps you find some crafting buddies. I go to a craft club a few miles from home one Saturday a month - we all take along whatever craft we're in to, be it quilting, scrapbooking, card making, journaling or whatever - one girl just goes and tidies up her craft bag every time! We all go for a bit of sociable time with other people who "get" what we do (or don't get done cos we're too busy laughing) I think your idea of setting up something in your seniors club is a great idea - it doesn't even have to be anything as formal as classes - I bet if you start asking questions in your community you'll find there are others like you who just want some crafty company! When you all get to know each other maybe you could think about teaching each other new skills??? Good luck - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hugs x10 MMx

sandysewin said...

What a fun idea, to get together virtually and craft. Sounds great!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #103

Queen Lightwell said...

It sounds like a great idea, Robin. :) I also like your idea about going to the Senior Center. They love to have people come in for activities! And it is such a giving thing to do that I'm sure you'll reap the benefits of being more blessed to give than to receive, probably more so than you can imagine! :) I haven't had time yet to get the program downloaded and set up and I'm not sure I will for about a week. I barely made WOYWW this time! The day was completely slipping away from me. It's Spring Break from my school work here, so that means I have to play catch-up on my housework. :( But it must be done, because I am lousy at it when school is in session! Unless I am procrastinating on a project with a looming deadline! lol Then I can seem to get everything done, including housework, but not the project/paper! :) I have to run and check a few more desks before its back to dusting or vacuuming or scrubbing baseboards or some such with me. :)
Hugs, Deeyll #161
P.S. Your Zutter sounds like a dream! I really could have used that puppy when I made over a 100 cards awhile back, huh? :)

Stacy Sheldon said...

I read that post... and I don't really have anything to add to the thread because, I prefer to create alone... if I have people over I just spend all my time gabbing and don't create anything. just wanted to say Hey, and wave. :)

Nan G said...

Love my zutter dreamcuts! It's a life saver for those who teach classes, like me. Once you get used to how to size your initial piece of paper it's a breeze. It's fun to Skype or FaceTime with a friend if I'm just practicing techniques. If I'm working on a project I prefer solitude and quiet. Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

Stampin Boots said...

Off to investigate the dreamkutz!!

Happy (belated) WOYWW!

StampinBoots x #144

Anonymous said...

Hello, Robin, happy WOYWW. OOVOO sounds like a fun way to craft with others without leaving your home. I might check it out sometime. I haven't had a lot of dedicated craft time lately, unfortunately. I had to look back at my desk picture to see what, indeed, I was doing with the string. I was using it to thread the buttons on the tags because my baker's twine was a little too thick to go through the holes. (Thanks for popping over to visit me.) ~ Laura #115

Marianne said...

OOVOO??? gotta check it out. I used to have a bunch of crafty pals but everyone went their separate ways. I do miss the great fun we had. ( I hate to say it but I blame it on the grandbabies that started to show up....I do not have grandbabies)
Anyway. I am a new "follower" I will come "visit" to keep you company.

scrappymo! said...

I am so glad to see you went in your first challenge. You will really enjoy it...
As you leave comments on other blogs from the challenges, you will eventually gain new followers.

Your Zutter sounds really neat. Sometimes I make cards for charity...this would be a welcome addition!

Priscilla said...

I can not check out oovoo tonighr but will in the next couple of days. I too am a lonely crafter with no friends close by that craft and finances not such that I can join classes. Recently purchased a gelli plate and have been card crafting for over 10 years. Prior to that cake decorating, quilling, quilting, macrame, calligraphy, zentangles. Not much I have not done in the last 39 years! I am a new follower maybe we will meet up online in the near future