Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Interesting blog title...right! Well, if you happen to be a crafter, it's quite fun!


Julia, from the Stamping Ground's crafting studio, in Wiltshire England.

Approximatly 200 folks visit her site every Wednesday, just for a chance to peek at her studio! See, the fun is...... take a photo of your desk, just as it is and share it, and then visit other crafters around the world.

So....Tada! Here is mine!

What you say! We had family fly in from Portland Oregon, to join us on a road trip to Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma and we just might slip in Bronson Mississippi before heading craft room was designed to be changed back to a guest bedroom in 15 minutes! If you want to know more about my studio, click here.

You can count on me, googling every craft store on the road...



Maisie Moonshine said...

Hi Robin, couldn't find your link at Julia's but I'm getting tired now so I probably missed it. I'm very impressed that you can "re-purpose" your studio in 15 mins! Have a great week MMx #73

Alison Scott said...

Hope you enjoy your roadtrip! Sounds like it would be a ball.

JD said...

Found the link to your blog...from a thread a Split coast stampers...I like your craft area...looks very organized...Happy crafting to you...Jill