Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What’s On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 223


Took this shot on Tuesday, 10:30 PM…with my eyes half closed!  Workday tomorrow!  I have not posted to WOYWW since Week 198!  I have missed all of you!

I have   325  Days   -- or --   46  Weeks and  3  Days left until I retire!  No more waking up at the crack of dawn!  More time to craft!  I can’t wait, on my last year!  Whoopeee.  Sorry, got sidetracked!

Well, what the heck is on my desk this week.  Starting from the left is my very dirty towel.  I am finding I like a towel, more than paper towels.

The three tags are the result of a class I am taking from Tim Holtz.  I really had a blast doing all three techniques. I just finished the class, realized that it was Tuesday night and had to get a photo and blog, because I know I won’t do it at 5 in the morning and I am not willing to get up earlier!  If I wait, I will forget!

Not sure which tag I like the best of the first two, the one on the right, I ruined with my heat tool.  Tim was right, the type of heat tool I have concentrates to a small area.  I need to find one that will not blow my ink all over the place…..

Can you see the card kinda in the middle behind the green distress ink?  That was fun to do, I still have to mount it.  It was my first attempt at faux tiling.  Finished it and then smudged the dern thing before I could mount it.

If you are wondering why in the heck I would show you my desk, my boo-boos, my mess….take it up with Julia!  She started it!

Each week, on Wednesdays, folks from around the world take photos of their workdesk, just as it sits, and shares a what is going on in the room.  Come join as at Julia’s Stamping Ground!

Off to bed I go!


jill said...

Your tags look fab . Thanks for stopping by earlier
Jill #40

Jackie said...

The tags on your desk look great!
I see u r very organised with the names on the side of your distress inks
Enjoy the countdown to retirement!!!! Then lots more crafting
Jackie 39

Evelyn said...

Fun Workspace and beautiful tags! Happy WOYWW from # 65

Julia Dunnit said...

ow great to see you. and how great is your countdown...it will go in a flash and then you'll be so busy doing stuff that leases you that getting up at five will still seem like a good idea!!!
loving your tags, beautiful warm colours..that Th is a good teacher huh. I'm with you on the towel or paper thing...mine is a wrecked t shirt.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Love those tags!The colours look great in the photo! This was one of the first techniques I tried when I started to get into craft properly about a year ago! Have you got a Ranger heat tool? That's the kind I have and they seem to work quite well. I bet you can't wait for that retirement! Craft, craft, craft - yippee! Have a lovely WOYWW and thanks for the earler visit! Julie Ann #42

Laura said...

Gorgeous colours on the tags :)
Happy Wednesday

ike said...

Fabulous tags - I like them all :-) Great to see you back x


Ike in Greece #91 xx

Hammers said...

Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier. Love the tags, I am thinking of taking a Tim Holz class. Cx #41

kattera22 said...

Happy WOYWW! I so love seeing Tags!
-Tera #3

Maisie Moonshine said...

So good to have you back Robin! Those tags are looking great - love the middle one. - Are you doing Tim's Creative Chemistry course on-line? Keep having fun MMx #76

Andrea said...

Hi thanks for visiting and your kind comment love the tags my Favourite is the middle ,your card at the back is ace too teh tones are great ...less than one year to go ....happy retirement countdown im jealous as cant even bring myself to say how many years i've left!!!...I wish I found crafting sooner ;-)! have fab week Andrea #44

Gráinne said...

The tag-backgrounds look gorgeous, and the card too. I think I like the left one best :-) Have a good day, Suzanne

trisha too said...

Oh those tags are looking beautiful!

Happy WOYWW to you!
#31 this week with
ATCs Around The World

Lea.H said...

The backgrounds for the tags look lovely. Lx

Robin Spitzer said...

No. Tim was pointing out in class that his was diffused. I never had any other type of heat tool, I fact I have had this one since 2001. it does indeed blow stuff! So a new heat tool has been added to the growing list!

Robin Spitzer said...

Yes. I had to sign up for the 101 to qualify for the 102 class. Really enjoying it!

Danie May said...

Hi Robin, its my first time visiting my desk and I am loving the look of your TH inspired tags and all the inky goodness they have. Happy WOYWW! Danie #48

Sue from Oregon said...

I am so green eyed over your 325 days...years ahead of me. Sure wish I had a crafty retirement close. Enjoy the count down! Happy WOYWW! #32 Sue

LuLu said...

Howdy Robin,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. You will LOE retirement. I technically retired in January 2013 - being the wufe of a railroad engineer, the spouse also gets a pension. So when he retired, I retired.

Although I was still searching daily for an IT job up until 7/30/13. Then we decided I should FOCUS on my artwork. Hence, my mini-studio makeover!


Lisa-Jane said...

Loving the way those tags are going! Enjoy your countdown.

Kezzy said...

Wow I love all your tags especially the middle one. I am really starting to love using towels as well. Sorry I'm late this week. Happy Woyww :-) Kezzy xxx