Monday, September 9, 2013

I wanted to through it out the window~

1 Use spellbinders Framabilities scalloped edge frame die. I think this is no longer being produced. I did this with the spellbinders lattice rectangles
SKU: S4-319
Pasted from <>
You just have to ignore 4 wholes in the corners .
Between 13 and 5 leave one open and 17 and 11 and 24 and8 and 12 and 20

Weaving Template image
2 Ribbon up through loop 1 an ribbon down through loop 2 image
3 Ribbon up through loop 3 image
4 Ribbon down through Loop 4 image
5 Ribbon up through Loop 5, being sure to cross over the top of the ribbon image
6 Ribbon down through Loop 6 image
7 Ribbon up through Loop 7.  Be sure to cross over the top of the two intersecting ribbons image
8 Ribbon down through Loop 8 image
9 Ribbon up through Loop 9.  Be sure to cross over the top of the two intersecting ribbons. image
10 Ribbon down through Loop 10. Be sure to cross underneath these two intersecting ribbons. image
11 Ribbon up through Loop 11. Go over the top of the one intersecting ribbon

12 Ribbon down through loop 12. Be sure to cross underneath all five of these intersecting ribbons.

13 We are done with the first piece of ribbon, thread up the second ribbon.
14 Ribbon up through loop 13. Ribbon up through Loop 14. (You will not I came down through Loop 13, I correct this at the end. Be sure to cross underneath all five of these intersecting ribbons

15 Ribbon down through loop 15. Be sure to cross over the two intersecting threads.

16 Ribbon up through Loop 16. Be sure to cross underneath the three intersecting ribbons.

17 Ribbon down through Loop 17. You will cross over intersecting ribbons 1 & 2 Under ribbon 3 and over 4 & 5.

18 Ribbon up through loop 18. Go under intersecting ribbon.

19 Ribbon down through loop 19. Weaving sequence is over, over, under, over, over, under, over.

20 Ribbon up through loop 20. Go under one intersecting ribbon.

21 Ribbon down through loop 21. Weaving sequence, Over, under, over, over, under, over

22 Ribbon up through Loop 22. Weaving sequence: Under, over, under, over, under.

23 Ribbon down through loop 23. Over, under, over.

24 Ribbon down through loop 24. Under, Over, Under, Over, Under, Over, Under, Over, Under. Remember step 14? The top left corner is wrong.

25 Just fix the top left corner to match this photo.

26 Flip over and glue dot your four corners down.

27 rim off excess.


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