Sunday, October 13, 2013

Creative Chemistry Day 4


Thank goodness we had two day’s to play catch up!  The following are all but 1 of the techniques we learned on Day 4.  Could not find the snow cap mixative  needed for the Faux Patina. 

Off to complete Day 5 before the deadline today!


Tinted Tinsel.  This photo just did not come out, but the effect was wonderful.  I can’t wait to use this for some of my Christmas Cards.

Tinted Tinsel


Loved this technique.  The shine to the paper is beautiful.  So glad we had a bonus today, as this will make the cut for my punches!



Beautiful!  I can’t wait to use this technique for background's with stamps.  This just shimmers.


Faded Layers

I think this was my favorite today.  Yep, I learned that a little blending solution goes a long ways!  Part of this tag will make the cut for my punches or die cuts!

faded layers

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