Thursday, November 7, 2013

Best Tip of the Week–Thursdays!

Each Thursday, I am going to post some kind of tip I have learned along my crafting journey

Join me and post what you learned!

My Tip of the week is about your craft knife. and the cutting surface you can use.


I was having a hard time cutting with my craft knife on my cutting mat.  Started researching on the web and found that others were recommending glass cutting boards.  So I went shopping, I found the craft boards pricy. 

One night, as I was cleaning up after dinner, I was wiping down my glass cutting board…..and….found that it was slick on one side, and textured on the other side.  Even more to my delight was the size!  it was 12 X 15!  Make sure if you choose to use one, that one side is slick.  You will need to work on the slick side.

Please share your tips in the comment area below.  Have the very best week! 

Hugs, Robin


Anonymous said...

i use this exact board under my laptop... and under my cuttlebug and my big shot....

Lindsay Weirich said...

I have a glass chess board I use! BTW the surface under my silpat mat is a sheet of craft foam, AKA foamies or funfoam:)
Lindsay the frugalcrafter:)

Robin Spitzer said...

Thank you! Know exactly what that is LOL