Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tip of the week - Thursdays

How to make your own Dimensionals or Pop Dot’sSupplies:Xyron 1.5’ Create a StickerFun FoamScissor'sBrayerTake your fun foam and put it in your paper cutter. I cut mine in 1 1/4” strips.

    • Your cutter will probably not cut all the way through the fun foam, but it will score it. You can take your scissors and complete the cut.
    • You can use any color of foam! I use a lot of black and brown card’s so I love to use fun foam in colors, however you can take a marker and color the edges of the foam to match your card base, if you use white. I really think white is more versatile.
    • Need circle dimensional’s? Use your circle punches!
    • Sometimes I need a 1/4” strip! ah, you got the idea!
  • Run these through your Xyron
  • I mush this down real good with a rollie thing…now what is that called? Just looked it up and added it to the supply list…brayer…humm. You don’t need a brayer, you can just use your hands or something else…this is just what I reach for when I need to mush things.
  • Take off the cellophane
  • Trim the waxy paper
  • Run through the Xyron again the opposite way. Foam side down and waxy paper side up
  • Squish down again with rollie thing
  • Take the cellophane off
  • Trim again
  • Don't go to work with one of these stuck to your butt
The best thing about these, is you can make your own sizes, colors etc.


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Krisha said...

What a great tip! Thanks Robin, I will definitely be doing this. (love the don't go to work with one stuck on your butt.......hum?)