Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What’s on your work desk – Wednesday 233


Hello from Central California!  I have been trying to figure out how to get in craft time while working, helping my son in his new home, making curtains…just seem to run out of steam.  Currently I am am taking the Holiday Card Workshop 2013 over at  These projects are from day 2.

The above technique was a challenge for me.  I did not have any die cut’s that would work this way…Most of the die cut’s I have are borders, or frames.  So, I did dig up the die cut’s in the above card.  Looking back, I should have used a solid card stock to create this in-laid look.

Yep, the greeting, and the flower and leaf are inlaid.  I had never seen that technique before, so was excited to try it….

Not happy with the result..however, I can’t wait to try it again with a solid paper.  Funny, though, you could hardly make out the flower and leaf so I decided to use my stickles over it.  Not sure if you can tell by the photo, but it really looks like an old fashion appliqué.


Ever have one of those days?  Where nothing works?  This technique was another, where I did not have good die cuts for the technique.  We were to use the positive and the negative cuts and embossing paste.  I used the embossing paste, which I had not used in years.  I used the embossing paste on the blue background with a stencil.  Loved that effect. Was very impressed with the product, it had not dried out.  I think, this is going to be a fun thing to use in my future projects.

Well, that’s all for now, was not going to post these, then decided, heck, I bet we all have off days!

Each Wednesday, crafters from all over the world post what’s on there desk on Wednesdays.  Well, this is all that’s on my desk today!  If you would like to see VERY Interesting desks, go visit Julia and enjoy the fun!  Julia’s blog is named the Stamping Ground.  I really look forward to Wednesdays to visit some wonderful desks from around the globe!


Krisha said...

Not only have I had days like that, but they have streamed into a week. Just chalk it up to a practice session.....LOL
Have a great week
Krisha #4

Lorraine said...

havent tried that technique..looks good..I often have off days but then just read a book or something and come back another day

Lunch Lady Jan said...

I love the blue and white card, that's the one I'd buy in the shops! You sound as if you're having a busy old're a brave gals making curtains....I hate doing that!!
Hugs, LLJ 41 xx

sandysewin said...

Every project that doesn't work brings you that much closer to one that will amaze. :-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comments.

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #9

Hammers said...

Love trying new techniques too Robin. I like the snowflake card. Thanks for swinging by my blog earlier, everyone loves Tacos. Cx #25

VonnyK said...

You certainly are busy. I have days where nothing goes right all the time, keeps things interesting. Love your blue card.
Have a great week,
Von #24

Eliza said...

We all have days were nothing works well and then there are days when you can achieve so much it is amazing. I do like your cards especially love the Christmas one, nice non traditional colors. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
Eliza & Yoda 1

DeDe Haysom said...

I hate those days when nothing works, but your cards are great. We can be so critical of our work at times....Thanks for stopping by and your comment.. Happy Crafting & WOYWW De De #16

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, how well I know those days and weeks even when things don't go quite right! cards look really pretty though and most effective, so are you being over self-critical? Thanks so much for your lovely visit and words of encouragement: I am worried people will tire of hearing about my kitchen it's been in the process of renovation since June!!! Have a great week, full of creative pleasure and fun! Julie Ann xx #29

Shaz Brooks said...

Wow, embossing paste everywhere this week- it can be so messy though, can't it. By the way, the tree &fence isn't a cutting die, its a stencil. I have seen some gorgeous projects done with it on Pinterest- more on my to-do list, lol. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36xx

Ali H said...

Always great to experiment with new ideas & techniques - even if they don't entirely please you the first time you may stumble on something you love ! Thanks for calling by earlier x Ali #28

April Story said...

I can totally relate to having an off day in the craft room. In any room actually. LOL I've gone into the craft room to make a card and come out hours later with nothing I could send to anyone. I guess it keeps us humble. ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I would love to see Mr. Winston. April #17

Nan G said...

Yep I've had days like that too. We all have sometime or another. I've just started using my DreamWeavers embossing again after years in the drawer and it's in perfect condition. Is that what you have? Thanks for the earlier visit! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #22

Claire said...

I love your card creations - esp. the blue and white one :)
Thank you for stopping by already - I'm rather late with my replies...
Happy belated WOYWW and hope your crafting week goes well :)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Robin,

I think we all have experienced the off day, especially when learning something new. The two techniques sound interesting; I like the blue and white card. The first one does remind me of an old fashioned applique work - very vintage and love that too.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (6)

glitterandglue said...

You HAVE been having fun experimenting, Robin - well done.
Thanks for visiting.
Margaret #20

Rita said...

Oh yes! I definitely have days where nothing works right at all!!
These look pretty good, though. Mine end up in the trash on those days--LOL!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah the paste..takes an age to dry out,.still it looks pretty good from here I must say. I do have those days. A lot! Good for you for taking a class, it's clearly a very good one, full of ideas.

Neet said...

Looks good to me! Like the sparkle on the blue card.
Hugs, Neet xx
ps the faces are just paper clay pushed into moulds - Martha Stewart stuff