Thursday, June 12, 2014

Decorating on a shoe-string with Burlap!

DIY Comforter Make-Over


I’m selling the house, or at least think I am going to….so buying a new comforter set is out of the question…because I know, I want to do something new, when I get to the new house!

Our Son moved out of the house about a year ago, and of course we sent him on his way with his bedroom set.

Out-Of-State Company is arriving in less than a week, so today, we went out and bought a new Queen Mattress and Box Springs.

Of course, I have a comforter set I had for our son that he did not want, so I dragged it out…yep a full.

Well, you just can’t get a full skirt to work on a Queen…I know, I tried.  So I cut the ruffle of and pined it to the comforter….to short, it would not go all the way around…DUH

Off to JoAnnes I went.  Purchased $7.00 worth of burlap.  Came home and shoved it between the mattress and box springs…



Talk about a red-neck fix!  Once all the wrinkles fall out of that comforter, it will actually go well with the hunting theme in the room!

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