Monday, June 9, 2014

DIY Patio Pillows and Swing Canopy

Where was my mind?  My Freshman year, we had to take sewing.  I lived with my Aunt, and she was an excellent seamstress.

Should be easy, right?  WRONG.  It was a black and white print dress, short sleeves and a STUPID Invisible zipper.  I had to rip out that zipper more times than I can remember.  The material around the zipper was so ripped up, the dress was never worn....needless to say, my Aunt never revisited sewing with me again and I received a "F" in the class.  NOT because I did not apply myself, but because, I simply could not do it.  Part of the problem was I was left handed and everyone else was right handed...or this is what I tell myself, and it makes my Aunt and myself feel better.

So, as I started doing this project, those memories came flooding back.  Yeppers, my husband is enjoying telling everyone I am an expert seam ripper....had to buy 4 spools of thread, just to complete the project.

Hubby went and purchased a new patio table set, which only came with seat cushions….I wanted back cushions.  The old swing set was green and totally worn out.  So that means, I needed cushions for it and a canopy redo.  Hubby spray painted it black to match the new table and chairs and the rest was up to me. 

I usually document my projects on this blog...but truly, I followed the directions exactly has Christy wrote them on her blog “Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer”  What a cute name for a blog!  Thank you Christy!

So All the pillow backs and swing pillows I just followed Christy’s directions.  I took the arm rests off the swing and just used that as a pattern.  Thank goodness for Velcro. 

Did you notice the little envelope pillows on the swing?  Brandy at “Craftaholics Anonymous” had the easiest tutorial!  I bet they were done in 15 minutes…remember, it’s been decades since I have sewed, so if I can do this, you can!  I can’t wait to make some of these for gifts!  Thank you Brandy!

Ok, last but not least is the canopy.  I was totally afraid of this, so I saved it until last.  I decided to hem around the whole piece of the material, then pinned it onto the metal frame…oh did I mention my husband spray painted it to match the table?  Gotta give credit where credit is due…

It’s 112 right now…to hot to do any thing else at this time, one morning or cool evening, I plan to use adhesive Velcro to attach it to the frame….I will update this blog with photo’s when I get that finished.

I think the seat cushions match the material I purchased, so I am going to wait on covering those, even though, I purchased enough fabric to cover them…or maybe not…HA!


Christy James said...

Your cushions turned out fantastic, Robin! Glad you found my tutorial helpful! XO

Robin Spitzer said...

Thank You! Such a clear, easy tutorial!