Sunday, August 19, 2012

Grocery Bag Dispenser

I save bags…that were getting out of control.  Having OCD, this became a problem.

What you need:

Baby wipe type of container.  I am using a Lysol wipe container.
Plastic Grocery Bags, about 30 or so will fit into the Lysol wipes container.

1 Cleaning the Lysol Container.  You can use 100% acetone, or a product like goo gone.  I really don’t see a difference, other than acetone is MUCH cheaper.  
2 Follow the photos above and when finished put a rubber band around the bags to hold them, until you need to fill up one of your decorated wipe containers.  
3 Decorate your container!  


Oregon Crafter said...

I love this idea!!

SandyKay said...

Decorating the canister gives it a finishing it! :)

SandyKay said...

I finally emptied out one of those I feel like I have to decorate it, to use it for bags...! Thanks for the inspiration! :)