Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amazing Paper Grace September 2012 Crafting Kit


(you can click on my photos and they take you to the site, where they originated)


I am so excited!  Each year, I participate in one monthly service.  I have done many things over the years.  Let me tell you about the first one!


I joined PC Crafter’s site and purchased the PC Club for one year.  This was in 2007.  I have a whole year, covering all the holidays of wonderful graphics that I still use!  Loved this subscription!!!  That year, I started incorporating digital into my crafts.  This choice proved to be a good choice for a year subscription for me.  I only do subscriptions for one year, and so far, have not repeated a subscription for any additional years…oh except for, but that’s not crafting.


I joined Pazzles Craft Room for one year, when I purchased my Pazzles Machine.  I opted this time for the $99.00 thing, because of the Excellent Training that would be delivered for two years.  I started this 9/11, so this subscription goes on until 9/9/13.  This has proven to me to be an excellent purchase.  The support for the machine, and for learning is awesome.  I had other die cut machines, but none, that empowered me to use the machine by educating me has been superior to theirs.


I have done other’s, however those two have been the ones I am most impressed with.  I started Crafting I believe in 2003.  The first year or two, I did the Close to My Heart, Stampen Up clubs, Creative Memories classes and purchases.  I grew out of that.  Both companies and consultants offered superior product and were expertly trained.  I recommend to newbies to start there.  I learned technique, material that experience has never left me.  I am still friends with all companies and still on occasion purchase from them.  In fact, software I use almost weekly for many things other than crafting, is Creative Memories Memory Manager (I ALWAYS) Keep this product up to date and Storybook, I need to do a post about these products.


I feel the need to express, why I stated above “I grew out of that”.   I don’t want anyone to take that negatively.  For me, and we are all different, I loved to alter things, and do things outside of scrapbooking, card making.  In fact, I am really not a scrap booker at all.  I have never even finished one paper scrapbook in all these years.  So you see, I started there and found my path to my journey in crafting.  After doing the PC Crafter’s site, and you need to know that for a living, I do Systems support for a large business  (hold boring certifications for engineering kinds of stuff)  or as my friends say “I am a computer geek”, I found that hen I do scrapbook, I do it digitally.   Now were talken baby!

So back to Amazing Paper Grace!  I have been admiring her work for quite some time.  I subscribe to her Becca Bits, which she offers free.  Love Love Love her faith in God, personality, teaching talent.  Her training is simply the best.  So when she offered a club I joined.  I am in receipt of my first and her first kit.  if you don’t do anything else, you must research her page….if you like her style, you must see these kits for your self!  The quality and directions are just like she has always been, superior!  Oh my gosh….As I posted her link I seen that she has posted her second kit….got to go!!!!  This post is OVER!

Oh! One more thing and I really have to go read the new October Kit…I have created a FaceBook Group, for the purpose of discussing all the neat things we can do with Graces new kit…come join me!  This group is new, and I know it will grow…let me know how you are using your kit to make different things!!!!  Let’s learn together!


SandyKay said...

That is so beautiful...have you made any of the kits yet? I'd love to see them! :))

Robin Spitzer said...

yes! Just finished Septembers Shipment. One month late!