Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bookmarks, Hippo style!




My Sister, Sandi and I jumped in the car for a 4 hour trip from Central California to join our Aunt Catherine who lives in the Chino Area.  That’s about a four and a half hour trip.  We had the best time.  We were on our way to a 4 day craft event!  Early the second day we arose to attend the Scrapbook Expo in Onerio California, where we met up with Joy.  We spent our time going from booth to booth finding wonderful things just to look at, take photo’s of and of course, enable each other.


Aunt Cathy purchased a beautiful Vintaj Special Edition Sizzix BIGkick Machine.  We could not wait to get home and use it.  Joy came over later and brought some of her dies.  I was so amazed at how quick and easy this machine cut very thick chipboard…neither my spellbinders Grand Wizard or my Pazzles will do that with as much ease as the Sizzix did….I may have to tell Santa about this…


One of the dies, I thought was so cute, of Joys was the Sizzix Medium die Hippo.   Don’t you agree?  He is so cute!  Would be just wonderful for a child’s birthday party or card…


As soon as I had a chance, I started chalking the little devil and found myself with a cute herd!


The camera is real good at grabbing colors!  I can tell you that in real life, the colors are a bit software and way more blended….maybe the other photos will prove that….looks like they rolled in the mud here to me!


Then the question came from Joy, what are you going to do with them!  Well, I don’t really have any kids in the family under 9….except me.  So I pondered!


I love to take chipboard and make cute little paper clips for the office, they also double as book marks so, off I went!


I took some Mega paper clips, or you can use Jumbo’s….and glued my two of my hippos to a die cut (mistake!!!! when I cut them I could have reversed 1/5 of them….I did not do this, so I had to think of a way to put one on back of the other….you see, my hippos were all going in the same direction!  see the photo above?  not good for this, so if you make them do a left and a right version….other wise, you will have to improvise like I did…

If your hippos are all going the same way… is one way to improvise:

First I die cut and embossed the second to the largest of the Spellbinders Beaded Oval's (S4-294)  on some scrap two sided paper.  When I placed my hippo on the paper it looked to bland to me, so I decided to take some of my seam binding and lace it through the beaded oval.

I had already had some died seam binding.  If you have not seen this done…you need to check out Kim's Craft Cottage for directions.  It’s a great way to have many colors of ribbon!  Notice my ribbon looks “tied died”  I just love that look.

thread ribbon

Spellbinders die


Put your paper clip in the glue


Cover it with one of the hippos


Flip it over and paste another hippo on the back side the pen the hippo down before he runs off!

You will need to let him sit for 30 minutes


Then tried him out in a book!  ah…he’s so cute!




I take them to work and use with my files and papers

Filefolders or papers

Cute gifts for teachers and coworkers….Christmas is on it’s way!  Thank you Joy for sharing your die with me.

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Queen Lightwell said...

Those are adorable! And they totally *needed* the round threaded piece to really set them off perfectly. Really really great! :)